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Kohler engine smokes upon starting?

Kohler 23 HP twin cylinder engine on my John Deere Lawn tractor blows blue smoke upon starting, then clears but still spews a little blue smoke afterward. Possible problem? What to check and in what order?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    sounds like valve seals oil getting buy wile it sets then burns off when started they are just rubber seals that go around the valve stem.

  • renpen
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    7 years ago

    Mine does that too if I park it with the front of the engine downhill. Over the 25 hour oil change period I use none to very little oil so I choose to ignore it. Valve seals might solve the problem.

  • gunner
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    7 years ago

    OIL needs to be changed or the weight is too light for the age of the engine !

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