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I got a new story idea and need your help. Here are my notes on the story idea:

Monster attacks to punish. Younger sibling monster’s next target. Older sibling faces monster with friends, monster she was once the target of.

Adults unaware of monster?

Are they monster exterminators?

- They fight monsters

o Why?

Ex-target hunter stole from friends (emergency) as monster reveals.

- Test of friendship

Now what I need help with is why did she steal from her friends? She wasn't being mean or anything, she had a good reason for it. Her friends though get mad at her for stealing from them. Any ideas?


Alaskan Author, I haven't gotten that far into the story yet. We find out that one of the monster hunters, the older sibling, used to be one of the monster's targets because she once stole from her friends, the other monster hunters. The idea I have going with this is that her friends get upset because they find out she stole from them but later they forgive her. That's why I need an idea of what she could have stolen and why.

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  • 7 years ago
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    First of all, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the monster? Maybe she stole from her friends to get something to use to get rid of monster.

    Secondly, where did the monster come from? Maybe the monster was really one of the parents who had something happen to them and became something like the Hulk or a werewolf, and does not remember what happens while being the monster and cannot control self when transforms into monster.

    Just an idea. I hope it helps you out.

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  • 7 years ago

    I am not sure if I completely understand from your notes what's happening. Maybe you could explain the "monster she was once the target of" and "ex target hunter"... how many friends are they supposed to be? And what did she steal? ("Emergency" stands for crucial stuff?)

    Since I don't know how much I understand... I hope the answer I give will fit.

    Anyway, if she needs a good reason... she could steal from her friends because she believes they misunderstand something that she think she knows about better. Maybe she doesn't agree with the way they behave. Maybe she wants to hunt the monster herself without putting them in danger. Or she simply doesn't want them to get near the monster (so she thinks stealing will make them give up). Maybe she really needed what she stole... for her *own* good or everybody's.

    Good luck :)

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