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Nintendo 3DS vs Sony PS Vita?

I want to buy a new console but don't know which one. I have tons of DS and PSP games at home but mostly enjoyed playing the DS one's. Between the 3DS XL and the PS Vita which console is cheaper, has better games, can allow me to play my old games ( Without having to re-buy them or download them ), better multiplayer etc. Also what is the quality of the 3DS XL camera eg megapixels?

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    PS VITA - 250$. Most of the games for VITA are ports. Sony is more or less turning the Vita into a controller for PS4 since they know it can't do as well as the PSP did. Not to mention stiff competition from 3DS.

    3DS - 170$ or 200$ for XL. Well what can I say large games are already out with more on the way (Smash, Pokemon , Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Zelda, I'll stop there)

    If you want my opinion, I think if you really want Vita wait until E3 and see what happens. Because as it stands right now a lot of developers are skipping the Vita (Monster Hunter 3 from Capcom decided to release only for 3DS).

    Personally I'd go with 3DS. Why? Because it has a future with over 30m sales without something as big as Pokemon even out, it is definitely going to have an amazing year.

    Vita on the other hand isn't getting much attention from Sony and with 5m sales, it makes you wonder if this is even a Handheld anymore with what Sony is planning.

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    3ds is better, better graphics system (3d imagery) backwards compatible to most ds games (as long as you dont need the gba port your okay) the 3ds psvita you would have to re buy the games to play them one disadvantage though, the games that are region locked to a different region to what the consle is you wont be able to play them

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    6 years ago

    Vita has great features but few games

    3ds has great games but few features

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    get both. I have a 3ds and I want to get the vita . the vita is way better because you get a lot more stuff and you can connet it to your ps3 or ps4 as soon as it comes out

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  • 6 years ago

    although ps vita could connect to ps3, but 3DS can do anything fro ****

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