Province of romblon, philippines ESSAY?

Please help me write an essay about THE PROVINCE OF ROMBLON, PHILIPPINES

Maraming salamat. Thank you :)

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    From the official website of the province of Romblon:

    "Rombloanon" comes from the Visayan "Domblon" or "Lamyon" which means "sitting," and refers to the people and language of Romblon, an island group off the mainland of southern Luzon. The province of Romblon is composed of the major islands of Tablas, Sibuyan, Romblon, and smaller islands such as Alad, Banton, Simara, Carabao, Logbon, and Cobrador. The province is bounded by Marinduque in the North, Panay in the south, Mindoro in the west, and Masbate in the east. Romblon's population in 1980 totalled 193,174, with 69.74% speaking Rombloanon (Census l980:xxi).

    On 16 Mar 1901 a civil government was established by the Americans.

    During WWII, the Japanese Imperial Forces established a garrison in Romblon in 1942, which lasted until the Naval Battle of Sibuyan on 25 Oct 1945.

    In 1947 Romblon regained its provincial status which had been abolished in October 1946 by a Commonwealth Act. The municipalities of the province constituted in 1940 were also restored.

    Tablas is the largest island, and the leading producer of staple crops.

    Sibuyan, the second longest, is thickly forested and mountainous but has wide grazing lands, mercury ore deposits, and vast timber resources. Romblon is the smallest of the major islands but has become the center of commercial and economic activities in the province. Romblon town, located in this island, is the provincial capital. The Rombloanan language spoken throughout the province originated from this place.


    The Spanish historian Loarca visited the place in 1582 and referred to it as "Lomlon" or "Domblon." In 1635 the Recollects established Christian churches in Banton, Romblon, and Cajidiocan. Like many Visayan provinces, Romblon experienced frequent attacks, initially from the Muslims, and in 1646, from the Dutch. Loarca noted that the Muslim pirates would swoop down on Romblon villages, burn the churches and houses, kill the men and bring the women and children with them. In order to protect the people from the devastating effects wrought by these invasions, the Recollects built a fort in Romblon and another in Banton Island in 1650.

    In the 19th century, under the Spanish colonial government, the province underwent various political and jurisdictional reorganizations. In 1818, it was incorporated into the province of Capiz, and later in 1853, the islands were reorganized into a politicomilitary commandancia with its center in Capiz.

    In 1898 Romblon was administered by army captain with Romblon town as its capital. Other municipalities were named Azagra, Badajoz (now San Agustin), Banton, Cajidiocan, Corcuera, Looc, Magallanes (now Magdiwang), Odiongan, Despujol (now San Andres), and Santa Fe. During the latter part of the Philippine Revolution, Romblon, as part of Capiz was administered by General Mariano Riego de Dios who headed the Filipino revolutionary forces in the Visayas during the Philippine-American War.

    You can also research from wikipedia. Here is the link:

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    i could say Bohol is the main beautiful island. different than for the favored white seashores surrounding the province, you additionally can spend it slow travelling the Chocolate Hills, Sagbayan top, magazine-Aso Falls, Virgin Island. additionally, you are able to bypass to Cebu from Bohol by making use of way of boat which will only take approximately 2hours from Tagbilaran seaport.

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  • The province of Romblon belongs to Region IV-B of which the main characteristics are insular.

    Romblon is a small province. Romblon is well known for its marble quarry.

    Do the rest of your homework.

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  • 7 years ago

    It is a small province known for its marble quarry but unfortunately it is also well known for maritime disasters.

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    if thats your province, or went to that province, write what you experience while staying in romblon, if not do some reseach 'bout their culture, religions, politics and so on., goodluck

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