Thinking of getting a macbook pro but procrastinating over which one?

I've narrowed my choice down to either Apple Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 8Gb, 256Gb 15.4 inch Notebook or Apple Mac Book Pro Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 4GB, 500GB 15.4 inch Notebook.

Both quite pricey at £1499 and £1799. Eyesight is quite bad hence why I ruled out the 13.3 inch one. I have some questions to determine which one I should get.

Is the retina display really worth paying more for?

Is the actual hard drive space for the retina display only 256GB compared to 500GB for the other one, as that seems quite small.

I read about flash storage and on the apple website it said that "Configurable to 512GB or 768GB flash storage". What is flash storage, is it normal hard drive space where I can store content.

The reason storage is important to me as I download alot of movies and tv shows so the bigger the better for me.

I read that flash does work with iMacs by downloading a flash plug in available on their website, yet in earlier versions flash content played very slow. Watching tv shows and what not on the web runs of flash, so I wanted to know if its still slow compared to flash on windows?

This is my first time getting a mac and I don't know a great deal about them, so any extra information to help me come to a decision would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any serious answers.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    I've had a mac for about 5 years and honestly there not really that great. I love the fact that you could do so much more on a mac than a pc but with a mac you are restricted to a few things. Mac Book pro would definitely be a great choice for advance tasks, it's also great in retina display but it's a waste of money, with or without it it still works just as fine. If you want to keep it simple just get a notebook which is what I have it works fine, but needs good care otherwise it won't stay in good condition for a while.

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