Ear Piercing Infection?

Has anyone ever heard of not being able to wear earrings, none at all? I had my ears pierced in January and a few weeks ago my ear piercing (turns out the other ear piercing never closed) got infected. I kept it clean with anti-septic and applied antibiotic multiple times a day. It got better and so I put the earrings back in. As soon as I did that it got infected again.

Since I was a baby I couldn't wear any other material than gold. When I got my ears pierced again a few years ago I started also wearing surgical steel, which btw is used along with the gold earrings of new piercings to lock the earring in place. These two materials are obviously supposed to be safe, yet I can't even use those materials anymore.

Could it be that my body will no longer let me get ear piercings? That maybe it thinks of it as a harmful?


KittyKatGirl, that's exactly what I'm thinking. The earrings I was wearing are the same ones I had used a few years back and are supposed to be safe just like the gold material used when piercings are first made.

I was just wondering if maybe anyone ever heard of someone not being able to have piercings at all.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This sounds like contact dermatitis, don't wear any earrings until you're symptom free. After the symptoms resolve, try some gold earrings... NO OTHER MATERIAL,,

    If you have no reaction, it's likely a reaction to nickel (very common). If you have a reaction, change the material after another symptom free period.

    If everything you put into your ears provokes an inflammatory response, you may simply be hypersensitive to foreign objects. In that case, let it go,,, no earrings for you

  • 8 years ago

    My guess is you are not getting an infection, but are allergic to the metal. Nickel is the most likely culprit and is found in almost all inexpensive jewelry.

    Surgical steel is meaningless. Usually it's a cheap steel found on low-end jewelry. Gold is rarely pure gold, or anywhere close to gold. Both of these alloys contain high amounts of nickel.

    Here's what to do. wear jewelry made from Titanium, glass, PTFE and Niobium. You can try implant Grade stainless steel, but if your nickel allergy is severe, even the very minute amount may cause a reaction. On,y buy jewelry from reputable body piercing studios and body jewelry retailers.

    Don't use alcohol, peroxide or the piercing cleaning stuff from mall kiosk piercing places. These dry out your skin and cause further irritation. IF your piercing actually gets infected,use Bacitracin.

  • owen
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    4 years ago

    It seems such as you have a extreme pores and skin reaction/inflammation. i might do away with the earring for a jointly as and take care of it by utilising first cleansing the section with peroxide then rinse and pat it dry then attempt some cortisone cream for the aggravated section on the actually lobe for a pair of days. If it gets worse see a physician suitable away. It sounds like computer virus bites on your photograph in spite of the undeniable fact that it is ordinary that it would not harm, itch, or experience heat. usually an illustration of an infection is redness and swelling and the section usually feels heat.

  • 8 years ago

    It's not the piercing, your body is more than likely allergic to it, maybe try plastic tapers. The smallest size is just barely bigger than the normal earrings. Otherwise you may not be able to wear earrings

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  • 8 years ago

    Use only Gold ear rings.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I use to have that problem, I had to use a certain kind for the longest time from Walmart I remeccond, hypo allergenic

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