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can someome help me finish this song you may also edit it if you need too?

what i need is the ending to be about making a pact with the demon to kill someone in exchange for the soul..or anything that makes better sense. docent necessarily need to be poetry


as i look into her sullen eyes

i cant help to think of my own demise

she lays on the ground

i hear noises all around

must be the steps of death

while i feel her last breath

she says the colors fade away

her soul has gone astray

i cant forget the things she use to say

surrounded in her cold embrace

the sky turns gray

hidden in the wind i can hear

"remember when we met here"

yes my dear your death to me is still unclear

underneath the dark stars through

the fog along came a dark creature

it had disturbing features

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    I have to say, that is a pretty good song. Just saying, most songs repeat their lyrics, so maybe you can repeat the lines 2 times, and maybe add a chorus.

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