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Different movies same plot?

What is it called when different movies share the same plot, such as all those different versions of Cinderella? I remember there's a term for this but can't remember what it is.


No, I know it's not plagiarism.

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    Well when you are using an existing story line and its basic plot or premise, but than create a different version it is sometimes called a "Re-Imagining" or "Re-Imagination" of the original story.

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    tis a bore

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    There is not a specific term for what you described.

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    I googled for you, this is what I found

    Remake - Recreating a previously released film.

    Reboot - Doing a "fresh start" re-launch of a previously established franchise or character.

    Reinterpretation - Creating a unique new cinematic vision of literary source material.

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