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how to travel to the Philippines by sea?

im hoping some one know exactly who to contact in finding passages to the Philippines and or thailand by sea from the usa to there n back

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    Several years back I read some Internet posting of this guy who was afraid to fly, so he paid for passage on a Cargo ship. You should find something reasonable with a little research.

    Start with this link


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    If you're coming from California, sail Southwest-ward. Cross the Pacific Ocean. Pass Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Marianas Islands, and you will reach the Philippines. From Philippines sail farther westward, or pass between Taiwan and Northern Philippines, sail along Vietnamese Coast and you will reach the Gulf of Thailand. Going back, sail opposite course of your track, the way you came from. It would take about 22-25 days to travel from San Diego to Manila, Philippines on good speed of 14-18 knots depending on your route. Another 4-5 days from Philippines to Gulf of Thailand. If you don't have your own boat try to contact a company in shipping business who would take a passenger en route. Unfortunately, there are quite a few so if you wanna do this, rent your own boat. But it will cost a fortune.

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    3 years ago

    it isn't conceivable to shuttle from Malaysia to Philippines by potential of sea. there is not any commercial amenities providing sea transportation to the Philippines. the only sea shuttle is from the Sabah state in east Malaysia to the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines in unlawful boats. for your tips, those boats almost continuously carry unlawful immigrants from the Philippines to sneak into Sabah and to ferry unlawful immigrants who favor to go back to the Philippines. very in many cases those boats are easily pirates boats.

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    It would take almost 2 months to travel Philippines by ship. I would suggest to approach your travel agent. to advice you of regular ship schedules from the USA to the Philippines. Although occasionally, a ship from the USA is docked in our piers, as covered by news. I am not aware of a regular commercial schedule. I would suggest to travel through Air it would take a day only.

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    7 years ago

    It's not 1901. No one wants to pay $10,000 for a 2 month trip in an iron box. 26 hours by plane is bad enough!!!

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    the simplest answer is no. traveling by sea is not allowed unless you are a high ranking official or vessel crew. ships transport cargo to and from malaysia to mindanao, if you can get on in any of those without getting caught then you are considered lucky.

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    I'm on a boat motherfather! A BOAT!

  • ELF
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    you can swim..

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