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Question about electric razors?

I was looking at a couple different major brands of electric razors the other day, and I noticed that the store I was in,had prices ranging from $29.95 to $129.95,going up in steps of $10.00 the whole way between.No how can that be,what is the difference between a $39.95 or $59.95 Norelco as opposed to the $29.95 or the $129.95?

It doesn't make any sense.Can a $69.95 razor shave your face better than a $49.95 razor?

No! I bought the $129.95 Norelco and it was no better than my crappy $14.95 Ronco.

Are there any good electric razors out there?

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    You sometimes wonder if pricing has anything to do with cost of manufacture: when all electrics were corded, the rechargables cost much, much more. Now virtually all are cordless - and you pay just as much for the hard-to-find corded. A replacement head/blades for my Norelco cost much more than the entire razor cost a couple years ago.

    To get a close shave with an electric, you must use a pre-shave like Williams.

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    the type you are trying this's right yet my father says useing an electric razor is extra valuable to your skin interior the long-term say once you attain my age. its difficult I could use skin lotion on my face reason i did no longer pay attention to dad.

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