What is a good anime to watch?

I've watched

Pandora Hearts

Vampire knight

Shugo Chara

Death Note

Fruit Basket

Sailor Moon

Black Butler

And I tried Black cat

I don't really like anime that is funny, I like more serious anime, if you know of any please write it below.

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    8 years ago
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    Here are some recommendations.

    These are all exciting and violent but also complex and plot driven. I've put them in order of how much I like them, so you don't have to read them all. If you have any questions about them, send me a message. The numbers skip where I excluded an anime that you've already seen.

    1. Steins Gate - This is about time travel and the butterfly effect. It lets you see how much of a difference in the world a single action can make. It has a lot of action and some romance.

    2. Madoka Magica - Magical girls that turn evil to work against the second law of thermodynamics. It contains magic, time-travel, violence, and mystery. It is much more than it first seems and definitely worth watching.

    3. Darker than Black - A futuristic world where people have powers and no emotions. It focuses on contractors and a mysterious wall that separates the urban setting from the outside world.

    4. Paranoia Agent - Obsession taking over people and causing them to go insane. The art is a little lacking but this has one of the best plots of any anime I have seen.

    5. Fate/zero - The main character is pretty cold, tactical, smart, and will do anything to win. It's action packed and quite complex.

    6. Code Geass - A guy who uses his power to control people to protect his handicapped sister and launch a rebellion. It's mecha but much more psychologically complex than most mecha anime.

    8. Full Metal Alchemist - this is a science and magic based anime. It's pretty cool for people interested in chemistry. It has nice little arcs as well as a larger plot.

    9. Monster - A neurosurgeon saves the life of a child who becomes a serial killer

    10. Angel Beats - People who have died learning to give up their past regrets. I love the main character because of his apathetic yet rebellious attitude.

    11. Requiem for the Phantom - It is a very dark, sad, action, thriller anime with a hint of romance. It follows a Japanese tourist who is abducted and is turned into an assassin.

    12. Mrai Nikki - A survival game in which the competitors can have future diaries. It contains a crazy girl and a protagonist who undergoes a huge transformation.

    13. Cowboy Bebop - Classic through and through. It is very funny and filled with action to boot. The different planets are really nifty settings. Everyone should give it a chance.

    14. Zero No Tsukaima - This an anime about a teenage boy that travels to another world filled with magic. He is somehow mysteriously summoned by a young girl as her familiar pet, and has to fight as her slave.

    15. Guilty Crown - this is a pretty action packed anime. It's new so the animation is top notch. It's about an apathetic kid who becomes powerful and saves the world from destruction using the power of DNA introns.

    17. Gurren Laggan - this involves people who escape from an underground world to fight strange earth dwelling creatures. It's mecha but much different that traditional action based anime. Pretty cool overall!

    18. Higashi no Eden - This series features a male protagonist whose goal is to fix his country. It's action packed!

    19. Fairy tale - This is a nice anime thay covers multiple genres. It has elements of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. It's ongoing, which could be good or bad depending on your tastes.

    20. Clannad - It's really emotional and powerful. There's two season. Clannad After Story which is rated quite highly.

    21. Durarara- It's about a teen who moves to Japan and get's involved in Tokyo's shady underground.

    22. Ao no exorcist - This one is packed with action. It is about the son of satan, raised by a human priest who finds out when he is a teenager who he really is. He has crazy demonic blue fire powers.

    24. Trinity Blood - This anime deals with violent politics and empires and nobles and such in violent and super natural wars.

    25. Hellsing - This is definitely the best of the vampire animes!

    26. Dragonball - Not as action packed as the sequels, but has a way better story line. It's much better than most lengthy anime in my opinion.

    27. Elfen Lied - Lots of death and dark storylines, characters that arent who they appear to be to other characters in the series, great music.

    28. Nabari No Ou - this is a ninja anime but it is focussed on an apathetic kid with hidden powers. It also highlights his relationship with another guy who is at first his enemy. A nice little story!

    Hope you like them! :)

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  • 8 years ago





    Kuroko no basket

    Katekyo hitman reborn


    Guilty crown

    Psycho pass

    Fairy tail




    Tonari no kaibutsu kun

    Arcana Famiglia

    Hanasaku iroha

    Case closed


    K project

    Kamisama no Memochou


    :) hope u like them

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    8 years ago

    from your list Death Note is the most highest rated anime and now the most original anime in the last 10 years

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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  • Watch ninja scroll you will be amazed.

    Source(s): I have the movie
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