Infinity,continuum and aleph-null?

Infinity,continuum and aleph-null,

Can a true whole number ever be created to fit between 1 & 2 in all of that?


Thanks,I didn't use the proper mathematical terminology.

Update 2:

What about using any other forms of numbers?I ask because I told my friend I would start going to church with him if I could find a whole number to fit between 1 and 2 because that might be able to prove how the devil came up with the idea of sin in a perfect place without sin,considering he didn't have the choice to sin because it supposedly didn't exist.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If by "true whole number" you mean using the normal definition of a whole number, the answer is no.

  • 4 years ago

    Aleph-null isn't a style yet a cardinality of a set. specifically a limiteless countable set. There are purely 2 styles of limitless cardinalities countable (one million-one million) with the counting numbers and continuum (one million-one million) with the actual numbers to declare you multiply via aleph-0 does not mean an identical factor as multiplying a style via yet another style. its like asserting thrice infinity is infinity, or infinity instances 0 is one million, those at the instant are not all actual numbers so as that they don't obey the properties for addition and multiplication of a field.

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