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Should obese people be taxed out of existence?

Why, or why not?

Being fat is mainly due to selfish behavior. Fat people use more air, space, water and ruin furniture. They smell up the atmosphere near them, and are not good examples to children. People who eat too much food should not exist. If am wrong, please educate me. Health is virtue. Fitness is intelligence. Well-being is the pinnacle of human existence.

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    Not everyone who is overweight, is so because of their diet or lifestyle. Some have a disease that causes obesity or are on medication that does

    A better idea would be to increase taxes on junk food and educate people more on better living

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    That's definitely discrimination. Everyone is equal, so no one should have to pay more for something they can't control. Obese people don't want to be like that, I bet if any plastic surgeon asked them if they wanted a free fat reduction, they would say yes. Being obese is a problem and not fun, don't be mean.

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    Then we must not have anymore people around who are 50 or older. These people are invariably overweight. All mothers and fathers must go, immediately.

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    I think we should take away their cars and give them bikes. I know one person who fits the description you gave. He's just a big, rude, fat, smelly ****.

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  • 8 years ago

    By these standards, everyone in the shire is affected.

  • 8 years ago

    Instead we should just put them in concentration camps

  • 8 years ago

    As harsh as it sounds...I agree

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