I would like opinions from the community regarding estimating vehicle speed by law enforcement?

I got a ticket the other day for going past a stopped officer in another lane. The speed limit was 35. I was going 30. They stopped me and said I was speeding. I asked what he clocked me at and he said he didn't clock me nor, did he pace me. He guessed my speed. He passed me going down a big hill and I was already over the hill therefore out of his sight for at least 45 seconds to a minute. The stopped officer was over 30 feet away from my vehicle on the shoulder of the far lane on a two lane road right over the crest of the hill and therefore invisible to on coming traffic until you were right on him. I live in Iowa. This happened in Dubuque County, Iowa.


The police had a speed trap going on a two lane road with very steep hills. The officer who stopped me was behind the officer who had a car pulled over. As I came over the crest of the hill, I put my brake on because all the stopped vehicles took me by surprise. As I passed the police car that was just parked, he pulled into his lane, went down over the hill, turned around, came back up the hill and stopped me at the very bottom.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you're confident in your facts, ask for a trial. The cop has bigger fish to fry, so he might not show up for court. If so, you win by default. If he shows up, he'll have to explain in court how he judged you were speeding. Not sure what was happening when you were out of sight, but I believe it'll be up to the police to prove you were speeding. ... Good luck!!

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