Google fix your frickin' call option in gmail?

How can it be that the whole planet is having problems with the call option in gmail?It's a great idea but 98% of the time when I open it it says "Please download the voice plug in to make a call" We have all done it,endless amounts of times Google.This has been a never ending problem.Did you all get a D in Google college?How can you not fix a little thing like that?You are going to alienate users.You might as well take it out instead of frustrating the planet.Has anyone with any sense found a useful fix for this?There are some out there but they are only band aids.

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  • Tuhin
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    8 years ago
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    I know it is frustrating!! but it is not a Google's problem, mostly your browser is not allowing that voice plug in to initiate the call :)

    It is just you browser causing this problem, I suggest you to use different browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) or reset whichever browser you are using!!

    as you didn't mentioned which browser you are using

    Google RESET (your browser name) and follow the first link!!

    Hope this helps!!

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