Should i buy PS vita xbox or ps3? plz read?

I had a ps3 but it broke about a month ago. I'm debating if i should buy an xbox but the only thing that i don't like is they don't use blue ray disc so they scratch easier. I also don't like how i will have to buy a charging kit for the controllers and ps3 is already cheaper then xbox by 50bucks and i will also have to pay for live and new copys of my games. The thingi like about ps3 is i already have all my games and everything. The only thing i dislike is the controller and the laggy interface. I think psn is a good service. The last thing i don't like about ps3 which isn't the systems fault its the developers that are lazy as hell. I hate how all multi console games are made on xbox and then half *** ported to the ps3 i really wish developers used its full potential or made it look as good as xbox. Just look at gta iv bayoneta skyrim not even counting all the other half *** Ports. Anyways i'm think i might get a ps3 because it will be cheaper and i have like 15 games for it right now. But i'm also thinking of PS vita since i got 2 houses and i only play on the weekends but vita doesn't got alot of good games im just afraid if i buy PS3 xbox 720 will be out in a year

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    8 years ago
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    First of all, don't worry about the next generation. Assuming they are released on time, there is always some problems with consoles to start with and they are much more expensive. Plus, if rumours are true then you're better off with this generation.

    Second, as you pointed out, there are good and bad points to both. Some stuff is ported, but most of the games are the same on both systems and the rest vary. Some are slightly better on the PS3 to xbox and others are better on the xbox to ps3.

    As for the PS Vita, more games will be released for that and it does have some great games already out (e.g. uncharted). Perhaps a PSP would be a better option? Cheaper and far more games. Perhaps you could even afford a home console and a PSP (best of both worlds).

    Check out this site,

    It has all the information about each console, including the pros and cons, and a selection of deals for each (including the handheld consoles). It might help you make a decision as there maybe something else you hadn't thought of.

    I'd suggest looking at the site and making your own list of pros and cons for each (as it will vary slightly as you have a PS3).

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  • 8 years ago

    Xbox OS is extremely easy to navigate, PS3 is not, Microsoft games are exclusive to Xbox, Sony has very little, Xbox has thousands of games on arcade, PS3 doesn't. I don't know WHAT the other dude means by interactive, but PS3 has quite crappy live. It's free for a reason. The Xbox 360 dashboard has seen many updates and is amazingly functional, and the PS3 is the same as release version. Xbox live has been through multiple betas and surveys, and PSN still gets hacked twice a month. With all fairness, save some frustration and get an Xbox 360.

    PS vita is a handheld, so why put that in an argument over consoles? Just get an Xbox. :)

    Source(s): Experience with both, and MACHINIMA and ROOSTERTEETH themselves prefer Xbox.
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  • 8 years ago

    If your going to get a new console, I strongly suggest on getting an XBOX 360 Slim. Since I have both consoles, I think I should tell you why to get an XBOX 360. Reasons why:

    *You already experienced what PS3 had to offer.

    *XBOX 360 has better graphics, due to it`s PC-Like hardware, with HDMI, the Graphics look even MORE stunning.

    *In my opinion, XBOX 360 Slim looks better than the new PS3 Slim.

    *XBOX has a better Network than PS3 (XBOX Live), but it`s gonna cost you $60 a year.

    *Red Ring of Death is extremely rare. XBOX 360 has become a hardy console, with only a 5% failure rate.

    *I think it is false that XBOX scratches your disc, once, I took my XBOX from my living room to my bedroom (the second floor in my house, so I had to climb stairs) with my BF3 disc in the console, and it did not come out scratched.

    In my opinion, since you already had a PS3, you should try out the XBOX. But, if you wanna save yourself money by not buying all the games again, get the PS3. You can`t go wrong either way. Also, there is not conformation by Microsoft about an "XBOX 720" and I think it will still be around 4-5 years before the next generation consoles come out. Hope I helped.

    Source(s): Expirience with BOTH PS3 Slim and XBOX 360 Slim.
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  • 8 years ago

    if i were you,i'd just get my PS3 Swapped out(actually did this when my ps3 broke).

    dont worry about the next gen,only WiiU is confirmed for release by next year,

    The next Xbox(actual tenative name) and PS4 have no release date AT ALL

    though are rumored to release early 2014(but you can take rumors with a grain of salt)

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  • 8 years ago

    I wouldn't buy a Vita unless you want the exclusive titles being made for it or you are a portable gamer. Don't buy the xbox unless all you do is play shooters.

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  • 8 years ago

    Buy a ps3 and get an xbox shaped ps3 controller

    and 720 will be out in a year, but then you could sell it if you really REALLY wanted it

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  • 8 years ago

    Hi , get ps3, its more INTERACTIVE, and since u have that games, u will hardly sell them for the same price. U should reall get ps3 since u play at ur house.

    Source(s): Experience
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  • 8 years ago

    if you are worried about the next gen consoles then dont buy it, they ARE coming next year and i mean wii U, ps4 and xbox 720 so just wait if you want to

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