I have a friend with a YMAIL address and i keep getting bad emails from them?

This clearly is malware.

My question is to YAHOO.

This YMAIL service is supposed to filter out bad stuff so how is it that these emails

are getting through? and How are they getting through to my YAHOO mail?

they have [NO SUBJECT]

and contain a HYPERLINK that varies, including DOUGJOHNS link, CAMPUSESTHER2011

What anti-malware options does YMAIL support and how do i set my YAHOO mail filter

to TRASH emails with [No Subject]

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's time for your friend to do what he should. He needs to change his password. He should also check his account info for tampering with his alternate email contact address.

  • ksea
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    8 years ago

    they need to change there password.

    then do a full scan, then a reboot.

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