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Is it not VIOLATION of community guide lines?

To a question against http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201... I presented my answer about an hour back. On viewing back just now, it is observed that another member 'John' just copied mine and presented the same without any change. Is it withing community guide lines? Why even on reporting, Yahoo answers not taking action to delete the answer given by another member?


Just minutes back on verifying, neither the question nor the answer seems to be deleted. I think some error has happened in giving the reference, which I regret very much. This is the reference


Now we can see one more copy by another person 'Amit'; but slight edition, he/she has deleted 3 lines on verifying part in step (iii).

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    The question has now been deleted.

    If somebody copies your answer you can report it. But it does take more than just you yourself to have the answer deleted.

    The Guidelines state "Posting filler answers to a question in an effort to be first to answer, or copying and pasting other members' answers, are also forms of cheating."


    Now that the question is the correct one...

    It is a violation. I suggest you do contact the Answers team at y_answrs_team@yahoo.com with the link & say that you believe the other 2 users have simply copy & pasted your answer in order to gain points.

    Good Luck.

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    The question is deleted and yes it is a violaton to copy and paste another member's post, they should be reported.scroll down to cheating,


    This from Yahoo. Our points system is meant to reward the community members for sharing questions and answers, so creating multiple accounts or posting content for the sole purpose of gaining points or soliciting others for points is not permitted. Posting filler answers to a question in an effort to be first to answer, or copying and pasting other members' answers, are also forms of cheating.


    Edit When that happens you should email the team with details.


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    the question is deleted now.

    but anyway - it normally takes more than one person to report to get something deleted.

    I believe if you report accurately and have been on the site for a long time and/or a high level then some users can report something and it will be immediately taken down. I could do this with my old level 7 account. but I cant do it now with this current level 3 account.

    yeah I report things all the time - they don't get deleted most of the time.

    *edit* ok I have gone to the new link and yeah, I saw that he just copied your answer - I have a thumb down and reported also. but the answer still seems to be up !

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