Why is the ANSWERS page refreshing the Status Bar continuously?

The status bar, showing the DONE message is flashing which tells me its continuously refreshing and its very annoying. Other fetures such as clicking the quick mail list place a different message in the statsu bar and they flash too.

So what is wrong with Yahoo's code for this page that is causing a continuous refresh of the status bar?

its been doing it for the last couple of days.

refreshing the page does not help.

There is no exclamation mark or any noticable error codes.

visiting other pages does not give this problem.


Whilst i am viewing a question or editing one, then these pages are simpler and do not have a problem. The problem occurs when i choose to filter the questions to say Computers and Internet and then the list is displayed. The error does not appear then until i ANSWER a question. Once i submit the answer, the refreshing loop starts.

BAD coding by yahoo.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try changing the browser your currently using. Try chrome, safari or Firefox

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