What freedoms have we lost under Obama? Specifically?

I hear this rhetoric day and night ":He's stripping us of our Freedoms!!! He's a Dictator!!! We're down to our last handful of rights!!" but never any examples.

NOTE= you cannot clarify Rhetoric with Different Rhetoric , like "He took away our Freedoms of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!" . Specific rights we've lost please. . Name one.


@ Angry, the "I won't tell you because you'll be mean to me" line is a steaming pile. Answer or don't post, please...you're wasting everyone's time including your own.

Update 2:

@ Nick, my good man, that is "more rhetoric". I hope you didn't put too much work into whatever you wrote after the first line, because I didn't bother reading it.

Update 3:

@ Reasoning = yeah spoken like a true Libertarian ,, "Taxes always equal Oppression" and "The more cash the government lets citizens keep , the more freedom they have". By your logic, all Presidents and Governors who ever enforced a tax, is a tyrant. You don't want smaller government, you're little more than a textbook anarchist who wants no government, believing Corporations and Religious institutions can be trusted to fill in the void it would leave. In short= I disagree with your abstraction. It's specious and obtuse. Maybe you know that and just don't care?

Update 4:

@ Angry Candy [Update] ... sigh, disappointing, I'm guessing in Real Life you are constantly under assault for loving the Lord as much as you do, right? Not just me but anyone who you find yourself in conflict with, am I right?, ..In-laws, Traffic cops, your kid's teachers, the refund desk at Wal-Mart, all persecuting you for your religious beliefs. Makes total sense to me. By the way , Abilify is now available in 30mg extended release.

Update 5:

@ President, ...Managed Care took away those freedoms long before Obama was even in politics,...

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  • 8 years ago
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    The freedom of fair uncorrupted elections. The amount of money involved is an abomination to democracy. None of this Obama's doing but happened during his presidency, what a shame.

    Senate Republicans blocked a bill Monday evening to increase transparency in campaign spending by independent groups.

    In a 51-44 vote, the DISCLOSE Act failed to obtain the 60 votes needed to clear a Republican filibuster. The bill would have required disclosure of anyone who donates to independent groups that spent more than $10,000 on campaign ads -- or their functional equivalent -- and other election spending.

    This is the second time the republicans blocked such a bill.

    Really the Affordable Care Act is worse than Citizens United! Wow!

    Love all the snarky jaded sarcastic remarks, your welcome at the dinner table discussions.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I don't have a gun, but Obama routinely gets a grade of an "F" from the NRA. There's your Second Amendment right compromised. Obama's MASSIVE spending plans are a prime example of government largesse and intervention into areas where States should have authority. So there goes the Tenth Amendment which reserves all powers not designated to the Federal government to the States. His MASSIVE deficits (about 4 times bigger than Bush's) will most likely lead to a devaluation of the dollar. Thus the federal government will have to raise taxes, and the interest paid on the deficit will have to go up. There goes my right to keep as much of my personal property as possible. Shall I continue? And as far as Bush's "violations", he couldn't just order those. The Patriot Act (which I will grant you is a silly name for a bill) was passed by Congress and has been allowed to stand by the Supreme Court. If it was this excessive imposition on the rights of citizens, wouldn't the Congress not pass it, or the Supreme Court overturn it as unconstitutional? It's called checks and balances.

  • 5 years ago

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    What freedoms have we lost under Obama? Specifically?

    I hear this rhetoric day and night ":He's stripping us of our Freedoms!!! He's a Dictator!!! We're down to our last handful of rights!!" but never any examples.

    NOTE= you cannot clarify Rhetoric with Different Rhetoric , like "He took away our Freedoms of Life...

    Source(s): freedoms lost obama specifically: https://shortly.im/DUcPD
  • 8 years ago

    Reams and reams of new legislation, that tends to suffocate new or small businesses. When there's a law that covers everything, bureaucrats have unlimited powers to stop people from doing things, by threatening them with fines, delays, etc.

    The paradigmatical example is Obamacare/AAC. Doctors say all the new rules and regulations are burying them, making them less efficient.

    In other words, taking away (some of) their liberty to be doctors in the way they think is best for them and their patients.

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  • 8 years ago

    What freedoms have we lost under Obama? What freedoms?"

    They ask this question as if they simply don't understand that we always lose freedom whenever the government grows larger and whenever it impacts more aspects of our lives. That's simply a given.

    You don't have to read Milton Friedman to know that capitalism is based on economic freedom -- a job, a home, a business -- all tied to the opportunity to succeed.

    And Obama has delivered a shrunken economy with bigger government and tighter controls.

    Anyway, consider now that more than half of the nation's fourth graders get their lunches from the federal school lunch program. These lunches are either free or heavily subsidized. When Obama provides the very food you need to survive, he has more control over your life and you have less freedom.

    When 15 percent of all Americans now rely on food stamps to feed their families (and that number is growing as well) that's more freedom that has been lost and more control exerted by the federal government.

    When a record number of Americans are out of work and have to rely on an unemployment compensation check (and hope and pray that their unemployment benefits will be extended) they are more dependent on Big brother and less free.

    Programs such as these have grown all our of proportion. And the federal bureaucracy keep getting bigger and bigger.

    And let's look at Obamacare. This massive new federal program will rob us of at least five additional freedoms: 1) The freedom to choose what's in your own health plan because the federal government will effectively impose a list of benefits; 2) The freedom to be rewarded for healthy living, or pay your real costs because community rating will now take effect; 3) The freedom to choose high-deductable coverage because Obamacare threatens to eliminate the trend toward consumer-driven care; 4) The freedom to keep your existing plan because (despite everything the White House has said) even your "existing" plan will not be the same (indeed, will never again be the same) once the federal government begins imposing regulations and mandates and competition will be stifled as well and, finally 5) The freedom to choose your own doctors because Obamcare means that most Americans may have to access health care through "exchanges" where your primary care doctor and/or other gatekeepers will be able to decide when and if you need to see another doctor (cardiologist, oncologist, etc.) and who that doctor will be.

    Indeed, you will no longer have to freedom to not have any health care plan at all because Obamacare will mandate your purchase of same (that's at the crux of the current Supreme Court challenge).

    Plus, Obamacare will impose enormous new taxes on everyone and every time your taxes go up, you have less freedom. In fact, larger government almost always means more taxes. Your own hard-earned money gives you access to the things you need and want in life. When the government takes more from you (and you keep less) you have less money and less freedom -- less access to life's needs and rewards.

    As has been pointed out at Free Republic: "The impact of Obama's restructuring of our economy and consumer demand has already resulted in a grave loss of the independent decision-making that has marked our robust economy for centuries." Government regulation stifles freedom, limiting options and opportunities.

    Furthermore, as the national debt has grown under Obama (grown during his term so far to the point where it exceeds that of all the other presidents combined) the burden of this debt is stealing our children's and grandchildren's future.

    But don't take my word for it. Listen to the people: A recent poll shows that nearly half of all Americans now believe there has been a decrease in freedom under Obama. In fact, nearly 40% of all Americans feel there has been a BIG decrease in personal freedom.

    A government that's big enough to promise to give you everything you think you want is also powerful enough to also take away everything you really need. And what you really need is the freedom to decide for yourself how to live your life and what to do with your hard-earned money.

    So, next time some liberal presses you for an answer to the question "WHAT freedoms have we lost?" you now have an answer.


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  • 8 years ago

    Almost none.

    He's maintained the freedoms taken away from us by Bush, such as keeping intact the Patriot Act which allows warrantless wiretaps and violates the Bill of Rights.

    But beyond that (which is actually Bush's doing), Obama has allowed us more freedoms to buy the healthcare we want and protected our freedom of Life by ensuring everyone has affordable healthcare, has opposed SOPA, has made going to college easier, and has enacted protections to stop homes from going underwater (freedom of property).

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Most of the freedoms we lost were under G. W. Bush. We lost none under Obama.

    Source(s): Patriot Act
  • Nick
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    The freedom of being able to have a decent President...

    Oh and also, look up Keynesian economics and see what it does to private industry. The phrase "losing our freedoms" is shallow but it does get the point across that under Obama, we've lost more than we've gained.

  • 8 years ago

    None, actually.

    Although he did continue several of bush's policies such as the PATRIOT ACT and the foreign wars, so technically there is no real difference once you look at things carefully.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The problem with not having a moral backbone is being unable to see the spirit behind the letter of the law. This is one of the main problems with progressive liberalism. You don't need to have a moral backbone. So, you don't need to be concerned with the freedoms lost under laws that encroach upon privacy. This is why liberals like George Bush, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are revered by liberals. They are supposed to have the backbone for their entire flock of worshippers.

    As soon as I present you one real example, you will circumvent that with a stock answer that is intended to stifle my point of view. It seems like a waste of my time.

    "I won't tell you because you'll be mean to me" has nothing to do with my point of view. But, by putting that statement on the table, you do seem to be revealing a bit about yourself. You do not understand my religion. You do not understand my life. It is people like you that seem to want to jump on Christians and other religious people and tell them not to judge people, when you obviously feel perfectly qualified to do that on your own. It is plain as day that you have no regard for my point of view. But, that was already apparent from the way your question was worded. You have made it a point to stifle any opinion but your own. Your opinions may be facts for you. But, your opinions may not be facts for others.

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