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Socialism does not work; Europe's lesson for the US?

"...•Socialism does not work – Socialism in Europe and in this country always starts the same way – promise people free health care and free retirement and free housing and whatever free stuff wins political favor. Some claim that the "rich" will pay for it all. But, the rich do not have enough money. They may have enough to pay for the very poor, but not for everyone. So, the socialists borrow the money. That way, they are still giving the populace free health care. But, at some point you can't borrow the money anymore because the people you are borrowing it from realize that they can never be paid back. This is the tipping point at which socialism fails. Past this point, you have to tax the people to whom you promised the "free" stuff in order to pay for their "free" stuff (those people are the middle class). The people understandably don't want to give up their free stuff or have to pay for it. But, they will have to do one or the other. And, an entire generation will suffer.

Don't delay fixes – Many of the debt problems of European countries were apparent years ago. But, they kept putting off the solutions for the reasons above. As a result, they got to a point at which the depth of the problem had eliminated the efficacy of most possible solutions. America has a debt problem. The problems in Europe have actually bought us some time as we remain "the cleanest shirt in a dirty laundry bag." But, not much time. The government has run up a trillion-dollar deficit in every year of Barack Obama's presidency, and will continue to do so under his current budget proposal. This cannot happen or we will descend into decades of economic darkness and reduced living standards. We need to get on it now."

By JOHN CAMPBELL / Republican congressman representing Irvine, other areas of South Orange County.


@Alma; You are simply wrong on the facts. The debt crisis was caused by the US Government directing and demanding lending institutions stop using traditional underwriting standards. Instead the Government mandated the lending institutions and banks use an irrational standard not tied to the borrowers ability to repay the debt. It is what it is, and Reality does not care how you feel.

Update 2:

@House: lol, Ahhh, the ignorance of youth. You don't even know what you don't know...yet think you have it figured out. What flavor of kook-aid are you drinking?

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    If you've traveled to Europe over a long period of time (as I did – airline pilot) you would have seen Europe shrink, in slow motion: smaller and smaller cars; motor scooters proliferating; separate housing replaced by giant sterile project-style apartment buildings located in dense urban areas; ancient buildings (what tourists go to see) crumbling because the government can’t afford to maintain all of them (the Trevi Fountain, for example). Socialist Europe is going bankrupt, “as we speak.” How much evidence does it take to convince democrats that socialism DOES NOT WORK for long periods of time? Not even studies like this dent their near-fanatic belief in socialist solutions:

    The June 2004 Swedish Timbro Institute study ( observed:

    “Poverty is a highly relative concept. As we saw in the preceding section, for example, 40 per cent of all Swedish households would rank among low-income households in the USA, and an even greater number in the poorer European countries would be classed as low income earnings by the American definition.”

    “What does it mean to be poor in the USA? Major living standard surveys carried out in the USA at regular intervals show the poor to have a surprisingly high standard of living.”

    See Table 3:2. (percentages of items poverty-level households own):

    Home ownership 45.9%

    Car 72.8%

    2 or more cars 30.2%

    Air conditioning 76.6

    Refrigerator 96.9

    Washing machine 64.7

    Drying cabinet/tumbler drier 55.6

    Dishwasher 33.9

    Garbage disposal 29.7

    Microwave 73.3

    Colour TV 97.3

    2 or more colour TV sets 55.3

    Cable or satellite TV 62.6

    Wide screen TV 26.3

    Video or DV 78.0

    2 or more video and DVD players 25.3

    Stereo 58.6

    Telephone answering machine 35.3

    Mobile phone 26.6

    PC 24.6

    Internet access 18.0

    “Another indicator of the relatively good material standard of living among the American poor can be obtained by comparing dwelling space among poor households in the USA with average dwelling space in Europe (in other words all Europeans, not just their poverty level population). Table 3:3 compares dwelling space in various countries. Average total dwelling space in Europe is just under 1,000 sq. ft. In the USA it is 1,875 sq. ft for the average household and 1,200 sq. ft for poor households. Adjusting for size of household, one finds that poor households in the USA have slightly more dwelling space than the average European. The average American household has a home that is 80 per cent larger than its average European counterpart. Europeans, in other words, are more crowded in an American perspective.”

    Table 3:3. Dwelling space. Various countries. (Nation/year study taken/living space per person)

    Austria/year study taken 2000/living space per person 406.2 square feet















    All of Europe/average 395.7

    USA poor households/1993/average 438.6

    USA all households/1993/average 721.2

    “Clearly, then, there are very big differences between the American and European economies. A long period of high growth has made the USA far and away the world’s richest region. For several centuries Europe led the world in terms of prosperity and progress. As little as a hundred years ago, much of the American continent was virgin wilderness. Today, a hundred years later, the USA has completely overtaken Europe to become the unrivalled leader of the world economy. Most Americans have a standard of living which the majority of Europeans will never come any where near. The really prosperous American regions have nearly twice the affluence of Europe. It is worth reminding ourselves what this means. In these regions the average American can get exactly twice as much of everything as the average European. Which goes to show the importance of an economic policy to stimulate growth.”

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    Your attempt of sounding like you're informed is quite depressing since spouting the same old party-line rhetoric from the 1950's.

    The quality of introspective thought required to save my generation from your generation's paranoid Cold War mindset is this: Neither a wholly Capitalist or Socialist economic system is viable in the long term. Today, the negative effects from both systems are quite apparent, thus a hybrid approach is wisest - until an alternative is discovered.

    Your generation is being carefully observed by members from my generation; and we refuse to follow your generation off of a cliff; nor will we mimic the practice of sticking our heads into the a way of addressing the longstanding issues left unresolved for generations!

    We will work for the noble cause of Humanity instead of continuing the dubious tradition of White Privilege.

    We will rid this Country of the Federal Reserve Board amongst other worthless non-entities that are inimical to the future of this once majestic Nation!

    If there are god fearing patriots, it is those of us willing to sacrifice life and limb for the preservation of our Country as well as our unborn generations.

    These basic virtues have been lost on your generation and today's cumulative scenario bears witness against those from yesterday: The Baby Boomers & the dwindling members from America's Greatest Generation.

    Like others before me - killed for believing in such lofty ideas, those in power cannot kill an idea!

    "The time of tyrannts is prescribed by those whom they oppress!"

    (Fredrick Douglass)

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    So..... don't live in a socialist country.

    If you want to, you can live in the United States, a Constructional Republic.

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    This is utter nonsense by a Republican moron. The debt crisis is caused by the unrestricted greed of the rich coupled with their stupidity.

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