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How much would I pay for shipping an iPhone from New Jersey, USA to Philippines?

its a sealed iPhone 4s and i want to ship it (with insurance off course) to Philippines the cheapest?

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    FEDEX will charge $75 & then Philippines Customs will charge a tax of the same amount as the new price.

    Best way would be to put it in an "LBC type box with other things. A box is 20"x20"x24" with NO weight limit. Still cost about $75 but no taxes plus you can send other things. Just list everything vaguely such as used toys, used clothes, gifts & canned food. Do not list the IPhone. It will take about 6 weeks to ge here.

    I have shipped over 70 boxes with no problems.

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    Richard is right that it's simpler to send $ so one can be purchased there. The shipping charge and customs fee aren't the only expense. A 110 volt charger won't work in the Philippines, since they're 220 volts. You'll have to buy an adapter, and They run around 30 dollars or more.

    Source(s): The book, "Living in the Philippines", and personal experience with the power conversion during my visits there.
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    You can find that out on your own. Go to UPS or FEDEX. What you can't find out is how much Philippine Customs will charge the recipient. That will be a lot depending on the amount of its value. Cheaper to send money to buy one in the Philippines.

    Good Luck. I hope its appreciated.

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    about 20,000.....

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