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Question about traditional Jamaican medicine.?

I was in Port Maria,Jamaica some years ago and stepped on a really dirty,rusty nail.My Jamaican friend poured John Crow Batty Rum in the hole after they pried it out-which burned- and then used this black paste made out of herbs,roots and such that smelled a little like petrol.I have to say that I never had to go to the hospital,never had an infection and was walking okay within 2 days and I can't for the life of me remember what the name of the medicine was.Can anyone tell me what it was?

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    Black Ointment is the name of that medicine, sold in most local pharmacy.

    It works. Can't forget the smell.

    Source(s): Tried it, prove it
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    It sounds like road scrapings mixed with batty bizness. Very healthy!

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