Secret Saturdays Question?

How did Jack become Kur? In the episode "Kur Rising", the Saturdays are fighting Kur. Argost was inside, controlling Kur, so Jack goes in to fight Argost. In the end, Jack wins. But how is it that now Jack is Kur?

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    9 years ago
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    His name was Zak by the way.

    He was actually always Kur. That cryptid was just an Antarctic beast. The creator of the show, Jay Stephens even said that they needed a cryptid like that one to make everyone believe that was Kur, but Zak was Kur all along.

    When his parents were digging up the Kur stone, his Mother was pregnant with him at the time and Kur's essence was in the Kur stone, so when the people who were pulling it out of the ground dropped it, his essence was released and went into Zak's unborn body, but they never knew until that episode since he never came into contact with the Kur detecting relic.

    Guessing you watched last nights episode on Boomerang? Well the episode that explains it all is on tonight, same time, so if this didn't help that sure will. Hope this helped :)

    Source(s): I'm obsessed with that show.
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