Should I buy a PS Vita?

Can you give me the pros and cons of buying a ps vita? I have a ps3 and I have to ask.. Is it as good and powerful? I've been doing some research have come across the blue light of death.. Is the vita still very vulnerable at this stage... Should I still wait a little more for further upgrad and improvements to e system? And what are good ps vita games?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Vita is a handheld system that is the 2nd generation of the PSP, so it doesn't make sense to compare it to the PS3, despite costing more than a PS3.

    Overall, I would wait on buying a Vita. It's still very new, and therefore, untested.

    It's expensive. Just the unit itself is almost as expensive as a PS3, then when you throw in one of Sony's proprietary memory cards (required) and other accessories, like a case, you're up to nearly $400 and you still haven't bought any games yet!

    The games are expensive. $50 for a handheld game?!? Are they kidding? And so far there only seems to be one game worth getting - Uncharted. This isn't too surprising since all new hardware platforms suffer from a small library of "must have" titles for the first year or so that they're on the market.

    While the Vita is compatible with older PSP games, you have to buy them online through PSN. The Vita has no UMD drive, and Sony is not offering its UMD-exchange program in the US. This means many excellent but UMD-only PSP games will disappear into obscurity. Even those PSP titles that are available through PSN retail at full price, $30, even though the same game on UMD is available in stores for $20 or less.

    Despite being more advanced, the Vita still relies on the same broken, PC-only software to transfer music, videos or pictures to the Vita. In this era where every smartphone simply shows up as a USB Thumbdrive without needing any special software, this is just inexcusable.

    Also, the Vita still uses the same limited, slow, broken web browser that the PSP and PS3 use. The DSi and 3DS' browsers are much, much better.

    I would really recommend waiting for the first price drop to occur, which will mark the first major revision to the Vita. You should get a better product for less money, and most likely you'll be able to find some good bundles that should throw in a memory card and a game at least.

    The big video game trade show is scheduled to happen at the end of May. If there are any major announcements about the Vita's pricing or bundles, they'll happen during this show. So I would at least wait this long before making a decision.

  • 8 years ago

    well its true that you have to buy the ps vita for 250$ then if u want a decent memory card it will cost you about 50$ then of course if you want a game it will cost you.....another 50$..... so yeah, you end up paying 350$ if you buy it all at one time but lets not forget tax depends if u get it at gamstop it has 20$ tax making it a total of 270$ for a vita so your total pay would be 370$ :(. BUT it is well worth every penny im getting mine this weekend but unfortunately i only have enough to buy just the vita so i will have to wait a few more weeks to buy a memory card then after that i will have to save up even more for a game but the vita looks great ive heard some really good reviews and my friends have vitas so im pretty sure ill get one it has call of duty coming on vita soon and little big planet and mortal kombat and street fighter x tekken and a bunch of other great games are also coming soon i dont believe there is anything wrong with the vita technical wise so if you have enough to buy a vita with a memory card and a game at the same time go for it but me im just gonna get it bit by bit hope this helped you out and hope you get a vita its like one of the best portables out there others might argue with you about the 3ds and etc btw 3ds is a great system but once the vita gets better games im pretty sure ppl will want to buy it more i personally think its more comfortable than the 3ds as well and it just works for me i hope this helped you

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  • 8 years ago

    i would because not only is it biger and slimer than psp but since you have a ps3 you can download software to where if you are in the middle of a ps3 game and your late for work the ps vita will download the software and you can continue on the vita i am getting one for my birthday and can not wait !!

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