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Diabetes mis-diagnosed?

Have you ever gone to the doctor and he was so sefl absorbed that he never addressed your initial complaint but insisted that you have diabetes instead?

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  • 9 years ago
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    mo but evry time i go to docs he trys to get me out the door as soon as possible

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  • Gary B
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    9 years ago

    So you ask him, "What is your reasoning for this diagnosis?"

    DO NOT be afraid to question, or even challenge you doctor. Ultimately YOU are in control of your health -- he is just the "hired help", what the court would call an "expert witness".

    YOU need to lose your "he's so self-absorbed (so I don't want to talk to him)" attitude. Getting insulted at ANY ONES attitude just deprives YOU of the information you need. Stop playing attitude games and start listening to the information that IS presented. ALWAYS ask the doctor to explain his reason for ANY diagnosis. ASK them top explain anything you don't understand.. The smart doctor will think you are a better patient. The "quack" will tell you get lost.

    Either way, you win.

  • Kai
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    9 years ago

    No. I'm kind of forceful with my doctor so she'll focus on me--so now she knows to set aside at least and hour for my appointments so we can cover everything. I grill her on my treatment, what alternatives may be available, why should I do whatever she suggests, side effects of any meds, etc., and remind her of the stuff she's not mentioned since I am more fully aware of my case history then she is. If she diverges to something else, I bring her back on point "um, so what about this blah blah--is it bad enough for me to have to do anything or are we going to watch it for a while....." whatever. You can always go, "doc, you are not addressing the problem I came to see you about so let's do that now." You are paying your doctor for services and if he's not giving them to you, demand them. It's your health at stake, not his. If he insists on one thing and you disagree, ask for a second opinion or a retest. If he isn't focusing on you and your health problems, ask if maybe you (both) need to reschedule this appointment for some other time when he can get his mind back on track--that'll let him know he's not listening to you and you have noticed.

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  • 9 years ago

    Regardless of the doctor, the results of your blood/sugar level will determine whether you are diabetic.

  • 7 years ago

    werd i agree with freed

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