what are the greatest fight of mike tyson?

can you show me the best knockout fight of mike tyson?

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    Michael Spinks - 1988

    Spinks was an IBF champion and a very respected boxer. Spinks had no losses on his resume and most thought the fight would go down as a classic. Instead, Tyson made any fan who arrived late angry by knocking Spinks out in the first round. The fight lasted less than two minutes. It left no doubt that Tyson was the best boxer in the world.

    Trevor Berbick - 1986

    Tyson defeated Berbick to win the WBC title. Berbick was a solid boxer who was most famous for beating Ali in his final fight. There was a lot of trash talk, but Tyson dominated the ring. He knocked Berbick down multiple times early in the fight. The referee stopped it in the second round, giving Tyson the TKO win. It was the first world title of his career.

    Razor Ruddick - 1991

    This was the second fight between two of the major contenders, and the biggest win for Tyson after his loss to Buster Douglas. The first fight was won by Tyson with controversy, but he left little doubt in this one. Tyson knocked down Ruddick twice, but the fight went the distance. Tyson easily got the unanimous decision. He was set to fave Evander Holyfield for the title, but injuries and prison prevented that.

    Bruce Seldon - 1996

    Seldon was an average boxer, but did have the WBA title. Tyson had captured the WBC title earlier in the year, and this was his next step back. The fight was hyped, but it was no contest. Tyson crushed Seldon, knocking him out in the first round to win another world title.

    Larry Holmes - 1988

    Tyson handed the legend the only knockout loss of his career when he defeated him in 1988. Holmes was older, but still a solid fighter. Tyson defended his titles by taking Holmes down in the fourth round. It was one of the biggest fights of his early career in terms of popularity.

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    Pinklon Thomas, May, 1987

    Watch the last six shots Tyson lands: brutal.

    Tyrell Biggs, October, 1987

    A particularly nasty, sustained beating by Tyson who reportedly held a personal grudge from their years in the amateur ranks together.

    Marvis Frazier, July, 1986

    The young, raw, ferocious force at his most destructive.

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    7 years ago

    Larry Holmes

    Trevor Berbick

    Alex Stewart

    razor ruddock 1 & 2

    Tony tubbs


    Marvis frazier

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