Why does my cat lick the bottom of my feet lol?

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It's so weird but its funny hell go up to my foot and smell the bottom of my sock and start licking it,then I'll tell him to stop and he'll look up and say meow meow lol ...show more
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They like the odor from the perspiration and the salt that it gives off from sweat.

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Oo ok lol thanks
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  • savannah_rose answered 2 years ago
    It could be your detergent! Some cats love the smell. I fostercared a domesticated Serval (an African wildcat that is the cousin of the cheetah) and he would roll around in my clothes and sleep in my laundry basket full of socks walking with them all around the house. Its nothing to worry about! LoL


    cat owner, exotic feline behaviorist, trainer
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  • Pantheraleo answered 2 years ago
    because some cats (including mine) just like the salty taste of human skin. not all cats do it (only the cute ones lol!)

    if you dont like it then just say 'no' firmly to him.

    he will meow when you tell him to stop because he's like 'what did i do?' he doesnt know that licking your foot is wrong.
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  • Ally answered 2 years ago
    shes probably hungry, feed your cat!!
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  • Mystery Kidd answered 2 years ago
    It must like the taste of ***
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  • carey_ball answered 2 years ago
    Could be for the salt. But it is cute as hell, isn't it? :)
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  • Jake answered 2 years ago
    Your cat, unfortunately, has Feline Cosmopolticianitis. Your cat will start off licking his feet, then gradually descend deeper into the dark crevices of his deviated mind. The obelisk, obtainable through passionate grooming, is the only solution. If nothing else works, please desecrate your closet with crumpled posters of Stevie Wonder.
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