Are there any NBA players that started as bench-warmers and progressed into stars?

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Manu Ginobili
Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash

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  • lalalala answered 2 years ago
    Brian Scalabrine
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  • Thee Chosen Mamba answered 2 years ago
    Luke Walton
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  • football_dynasties answered 2 years ago
    Gerald Henderson
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  • Manutdbeast answered 2 years ago
    Luke Walton and Brian Scalabrine
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  • im a man answered 2 years ago
    We have some people on here who have looked at the NBA memes.
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  • Preston answered 2 years ago
    Although these answers are funny, in all seriousness, there are quite a few. I'm not going to say Jeremy Lin like a lot of others will because he really isn't a star yet. Some names that come to mind are Gilbert Arenas (look up his Impossible is Nothing video on youtube), Udonis Haslem (he wasn't even drafted), and Monte Ellis (he was undrafted from AND 1, and he was benched his first whole season).


    Professional NBA analyst
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