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My Eyebrows Are Fading Away! Help?!?

My eyebrows have been falling out for the last 6 months and I don't know why. It seems like almost every time I wipe my eyebrows there is at least 1 hair on my finger. The most at one time was 5! It started on the ends but recently I've been losing hair from the rest of them. My eyebrows used to be very full and gave a lot of emotion to my face, I don't feel the same with out them. Now I do work a lot and I haven't been eating as regularly as I should and when I do eat it's **** food. My week meal schedule is like cereal and a nutela sandwich in the A.M. Then a nutela sandwich and chef boyardee for lunch and a small amount of leftovers from the night before when I get home around 3 P.M. I usually skip dinner cause I fall asleep as soon as I eat, if I do even eat. Could that be a reason to Why they are falling out? BTW I am 20 and I know it happens as you age but this is waaaaayy to much over this 6 month period. I'm afraid soon I won't have anything left! Can anyone help me out on possibly re-growing them!? OR any other solution for this problem, I'm desperate :(

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    The same thing happened to me last year, but one of my friends told me to put vaseline on my brows before going to sleep, i listened to her and did what she told me and ive notized that putting vaseline, chapstick or petrolium jelly makes your eyesbrows stronger and keeps them moisterized

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    It might be stress related, however I've never heard of EYEBROWS falling out. Hair falls out when you're stressed, though.

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    you should def try putting ARDELL Eye Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel.. i've heard good feedbacks with that product. hope this helps :)

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