How do I get rid of this computer virus? What is it?

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I think I have a computer virus. It disabled my symantec end point protection, won't let me update, disableed ad-aware, won't let me turn it back on, and Malwarebytes scans up more
Update : Rico, my profile is not accepting the update to enable email...
Update 2: So I have tried several thing suggested here, and I am unsure if they more
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Go on google, look up AVG, download it for free, have it scan your computer over night, or whenever you are free, it will detect and kill all the viruses that you might have on your computer. Hope this helps.
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  • Don answered 2 years ago
    start computer and tap the F8 key repeatedly until the option screen appears then chose safe mode with networking then open browser and go to this is microsoft's online virus scanner it will scan and remove the intruder for free...or go to and download their free scanner...if you know the name of the virus manual removal instructions can be found at or can use another computer to download a free recovery tool from set your bio's to boot from dvd/cd player then scan your system before it boots up
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  • Sly_Old_Mole answered 2 years ago
    You have more than one problem.

    It disabled my symantec end point protection, won't let me update, disableed ad-aware, won't let me turn it back on, and Malwarebytes scans up to a certain point before it says fatal error - possible TDSS rootkit.

    Try the following:

    1. boot into safe mode with networking:
    2. read & run: (TDSSKiller):
    (if TDSSKiller tells you to reboot, reboot back into safe mode with networking)
    3. Download free rkill to desktop (iExplore.exe download link):
    4. run free rkill
    5. without rebooting update & run free malwarebytes, download & run free superantispyware.


    The above are all free & good & will remove TDSS rootkit, Malware, Trojan, spyware, Hijackers

    TDSS rootkit is known to block AVs, windows updates, malwarebytes & a lot more.
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  • rico answered 2 years ago
    Click my name and drop me an email immediately i can help you out remotely.

    I have about an hour i can use to try to help you. might take longer remotely. But reply soon adn i can give you instructions.

    EDIT well if u want you can publicly put your email or im so i can msg you to help.
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  • Rude Boy answered 2 years ago
    reinstall your os and then get Eset to stay protected in future.
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  • Rohit answered 2 years ago
    Go to safe mode and run an antivirus scan like by microsoft security essentials or kaspersky offline scanner. Safe mode: press F8 on startup before windows loads, or, start menu> run> msconfig> boot tab> tick safe boot. That will remove most of the viruses.

    Hope it helps :D


    My experience
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  • Lux answered 2 years ago
    Reset your system or format you disk C and reinstall the operating system.
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  • Mark answered 2 years ago
    You can try to install anti-virus softwares and destroy it
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  • Satyajeet answered 2 years ago
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  • Frank Mason answered 2 years ago
    forget AVG that is not a strong virus remover. go to
    download two programs one is called Advanced System Care 3 the other is called Remove IT Pro Anti Virus.
    Use the Advanced system care 3 first this will do some things to speed up computer in general and then use the anti virus it is very powerful indeed.
    i get rid of many problems this way.
    Some of the other suggestions here will help to but definately forget AVG thats a waste of time if you have the level of infection you have now.
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