Believe in God? Explain me this, please.?

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Where's Jesus now? Is he healing the blind, still? The sick? The weak? The only evidence of his existence at all is a book someone could've just randomly written. The Bible more
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As a matter of fact Jesus is healing the sick, and helping the poor and even raising the dead in ten thousand places through ten thousand ministries, ten thousand times a day, through millions of believers that hear and obey His word.

some examples of what Jesus is doing today:

Neither does the Bible in any way deny dinosaurs. Anything you find in the Bible can reconciled with current science, when the science is verifiable, and merely speculative.
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  • HittemUp answered 2 years ago
    This just sounds so delusional.
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  • Sybil answered 2 years ago
    There has been strong evidence of Dinosaurs, I agree with you. But with Jesus, we only have texts. We have also found a few very old depictions of him, in stone, parchment, and whatnot, which may or may not be mere interpretations.

    Now based on this logic, nobody has ever found Julius Cesar's bones. All we have are written texts, coins, etc. As for Plato and Aristotle, we have about the same amount of evidence. Texts and a few artifacts. No evidence of their robes, bones, etc. Let's not get started on Cicero and his letters. A thousand years from now, people will find Twilight, stories about Edward Cullen, and a few action figures, but no actual evidence of Edward nor Bella.

    Do you see where I'm getting with this?
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  • a Real Truthseeker answered 2 years ago
    The Bible does refer to dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs were created on day 6 along with all the other land animals, including Adam and Eve.

    Those that think the dinosaurs died out millions of years ago are perhaps unaware of the large amount of evidence indicating that they lived recently alongside man.

    There are many written accounts and depictions of dinosaurs.
    Remember that the word dinosaur was invented in 1841. Before that people used names like dragon.
    People from all over the world have accounts of dinosaurs: the Chinese who have incorporated it into their lunar calendar, The Welsh who have the dragon in their flag; The account of the Saxon Beowolf; The native american thunderbird; and other stories from many other nations. The Romans even made mosaics of them. The temple of Angkor in Cambodia has a carving that is clearly a Stegosaur – presumably 800 years ago it was a familiar animal to them.

    The Bible (the book of Job) has graphic descriptions of two creatures (Leviathan and Behemoth) which do not exists today and are almost certainly what we would now call dinosaurs. The Behemoth had a tail like a cedar tree.

    In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word תנין , tanniyn, appears some 15 times—some
    modern English translations translate it as ‘monster’, ‘serpent’ or ‘jackal’, while in
    the King James Bible the word ‘dragon’ is used. Tanniyn could refer, at least in some
    contexts, to large reptiles/dinosaurs.

    Furthermore, dinosaur fossils have even been found containing blood cells - hardly 65 million years old.

    But check the evidence for yourself - don't by brainwashed by dogmatic evolutionists who don't want us to think for ourselves :)
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  • Yahshua Lion of Judah answered 2 years ago
    Jesus told His disciples that it is expedient that He goes away to the Father so that He could send to us the Helper (the Holy Spirit). So now that Jesus sits at the right hand of Father we have with us His Spirit, and His Spirit touches the hearts of all mankind and draws them to Jesus. But, there are many people who will heed the nudging of His Spirit and they choose to walk in their own sinful ways rebelling against the One who can save them from the evil one Satan. Jesus is not on earth now but His Spirit is, and there are many people who are healed on a daily basic. He uses the works of the Dr's. for it is He who gave to them their knowledge, and understanding of medicine. He works in different ways in today times, but He is still alive and well. He also still heals without the help of Doctor's.
    His Spirit is our Helper, Teacher, Counselor, Peace, my Friend, and whatever I need Him to be.
    There is no man alive that could sit down and write such a book on their own, for what has been written goes against the flesh of a man\woman, and even Christian have to fight against the flesh. For in Hebrews 4:11-13 says, Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience. For the Word of God is Living, and Powerful, and Sharper than any Two-Edged Sword, Piercing, even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. And there is no creature hidden from His sigh, but ALL things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.
    Everything could not be written in the Bible for if it were we could not even carry it around. Just about Jesus alone John wrote of Jesus, "And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen. (John 21:25).
    Who can know the mind of God? Can you? Can I? No, for His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts, and I minds are just a pea mite compared to the mind of the almighty living God. Who said we were to understand everything? We will never understand it all until we stand before Him, and then we will see it all clearly. Until then we walk by faith, and by His Word. For what He said He would do, He will do. He has kept His Word for 2,000 yrs., and He is not about to bale out now.
    The living God wrote the Ten Commandments with His finger, and if God can do this He know how to take care of His Word, for Jesus is the Word. John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word (Jesus), and the Word (Jesus) was with God (the living God), and the Word (Jesus) was God. His Word will forever stand. When the mountains have fallen and the waters dried up, and the end of the age has come His Word will stand for it is alive, for Jesus lives.
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  • Terry T answered 2 years ago
    Jesus is setting st the right hand of pinkpoint said mediation for all of us- you included. Another point after the flood the sons of Noah were noted as great don't get called a great hunter for bringing down a bunny rabbit. The internal dimensions of the ark would have housed a number of those rather large dinosaurs along with the rest of the animals. He gave us the great commission to carry on his work here on earth. One of the problems we must have the faith of a mustard seed in order to heal the sick, cure the blind. Please check the ancient roman scrolls jesus is mentioned as coming before the Roman leader to be judged. They also ordered him to be whipped and crucified. Look it up it is there. The Bible is not specific as to when the world began..God made it in seven days ..Were they literal days or like days of the dinosaurs--it could have been ages....and then rested how long? a week, a month a 100,000 years it doesn't say. To God it wasn't important he is was and ever will be. To him we are just a brief moment in the eternity of time. God Bless is hard enough grasping it with the Holy Spirit in side of me. I can see why you're so lost and angry. We are all just sinners saved by grace, The Grace of God and His son Jesus Christ.
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  • Angel answered 2 years ago
    the bible isn't the only proof for god's existence,
    there have been a number of discoverieves in the ruins of caves and pyramids containing the words and teachings of God some even claim to have found parts of the original ten commandments - also know this the bible should be read like a story book, yes it is very unlikey and nearly scientifically impossible that the entire Earth was flooded in "Noahs Ark" but it is perfectlry plausable that the are in which that community resided experienced an extreme flood which wiped out many people, as a result the bible shoud be read as a guidline and interpreted to understand the meaning behind its words.
    Also note that the bible was written with human hands and as a result is subject to imperfections
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    Well, Jesus is in heaven preparing a place for us, now that he's proved his worth by fulfilling the prophecies and eliminating sin.

    I have no idea why dinosaurs would be mentioned. They aren't really relevant to the situation.
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  • Thebunz answered 2 years ago
    When was this so called first thousand years of Earth again. And what language was this so called "book" written in? Really bro
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  • underdog answered 2 years ago
    God isn't some answer sheet for humanity,he's not gonna hold your hand through life.Much like your parents.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    O ye of little faith.
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  • gpn7504 answered 2 years ago
    oh God.... jesus is not doing do things now...different time...does god and jesus still do those things today?.... yes but the holy spirit and not like he did back then...
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  • Pinkpout answered 2 years ago
    He's in Heaven - mediating for us before the Father.
    And yes He is still healing the blind, the sick and the weak if they let Him and remember that not all healing is physical in nature.

    Try reading the book of Job again and then tell me that the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs. the word "dinosaur" was only coined in the late 1800's - the Bible calls them behemoths and leviathans.

    How would we know when the first written languages existed considering so much of the past history of the world has been destroyed. And you obviously believe the earth to be billions of years old to say that. Where is that proof I ask?
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  • Someone's Baby answered 2 years ago
    Well, the Bible is inspired by God and Beneficial for teaching reproving and for setting things straight. Jesus is now reigning as King of God's Messianic kingdom.
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  • J answered 2 years ago
    obviously dinosaur fossils are made of paper machete silly.


    how about jesus or god stop saving us from demons that dont exist and instead help with that world starvation thing.
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  • American Girl answered 2 years ago
    Christianity is a scam dude
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  • EVOLUTION RECALL answered 2 years ago
    I know for one He is out saving people from demons currently.
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