What happens when someone dips your hand into a bowl of warm water while you're sleeping?

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it reduces the individual's sleepy time carbon emissions by up to 37%. But since human emissions are from CO2 which has recently been removed fro the atmosphere by plants, there is no net change in atmospheric CO2 anyway.

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Put a source next time
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  • antarcticice answered 2 years ago
    Nothing, there are a number of myths strangely the mythbusters have covered this and they found no effect at all.

    Lloyd should also do some fact checking unborn babies don't urinate in their mothers, their bodies are supplied with what they need via the umbilical cord across the blood barrier the mothers organs handle the unborn babies waste issues as well.
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  • Jeff M answered 2 years ago
    My guess is that it's an old wives tale concerning when this happens the sleeping person will urinate or something.
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  • Lowell answered 2 years ago
    Your hand gets very wet!
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  • Lloyd J answered 2 years ago
    It is commonly believed that this will trigger your lizard brain into thinking you are back inside your mother. This in turn tells your lizard brain that it is OK to relieve your bladder. I don't know if it is true.
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  • Lindsay answered 2 years ago
    You wake up with a wet hand. Next.
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  • Taylor answered 2 years ago
    It sets off a reaction in the brain which allows you to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming allows you to control your dreams which is really fun, the next time you sleep you should get someone to do this or you.
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