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Is it possible for a dog to have a form of autism?

I got a dog from a "breeder" over a year ago. She is now about 1 1/2 years old. (It is a mini doxie) Other than me she will not come to any other member of the family. She will not look at anyone in the face. If I pick her up to hold her she will turn her head so she is looking away from me. She will do this to anyone that picks her up or if I hold her up to my grandson she looks away. I can pet her but no one else can unless they catch her and hold on to her. She will come up to someone if they are not looking at her, as soon as you look at her she runs off. She is social with my other mini doxie. (the other one is 3 years old.)

She may have been kept with other puppies too long and not properly socialized. There is a possibility that the children she had early contact with were not that gentle with her or her litter mates.

My Grandson keeps asking when is Hana going to be not afraid anymore. I want her to be "happy" and well adjusted. At this point is there anything I can do to help her or is this just her "personality". For a timid dog she has never snapped or nipped at anyone.


g hound. thanks for the info. a lot of the signals she is giving me are listed. I am going to keep this info and study it and try returning calming signals to her.

Update 2:

tee. You may be correct with your insight. I do believe that nutrition makes a difference as well.

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    Your dog is frantically sending you calming signals. Lick, yawn, turn head away.

    You send the same back and the tension will ease when the dog realises you get it.

    See article in link

    Autism is a human condition. No doubt part of the spectrum manifests in dogs, but we don't understand them well enough yet to know. So it's best to say not really.

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    I don't think dogs suffer from autism spectrum disorders. However there are all kinds of neurological problems that can cause similar behavior, and a lack of proper training and socialization will almost always lead to an insular, fearful dog that is not interested in social interaction with strangers.

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    Anything is possible. I have a mill dog that is the sweetest guy but has no sense about him.

    I believe it is due to poor diet for pregnant momma and poor diet for puppys.

    Poor diet could cause irregular brain development.

    Also....bad genetics :(

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    No. Autism is a human disorder.

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    Maybe it was the vaccinations also

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