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Why didn't the supreme court view all of the issues before deciding the removal of the ban on gay marriages. It seems to me if a person doesn't recognize what is over the line sexually, that this doesn't just stop with same sex. It also applies to children and anything else that is not heterosexual. Doesn't this place children at an extreme risk since homosexuals are after all the rights that a married couple have. Specifically adoption rights.

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    9 years ago
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    The California court is filled with homosexuals- how is that impartial? Aren't we trying to outlaw insider trading in CONgress? This is similar, conflict of interest. Now the radical homosexual lobby has an open door to indoctrinate our children with deviant sexual behavior and call it not only normal, but beneficial to society as a whole.

    "Handbasket to Hell, we are inbound, over."

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    7 years ago

    Put children at risk? You "a heterosexual man" told me to bless the spirit of a heterosexual male who enjoyed child pornography and molesting children. Why do the so called "christians" feel so self righteous and are so quick to judge? I'm smart enough to know that a persons sexuality has nothing to do with the kind of person they are. I wouldn't be so quick to call myself a christian if I were you. A christian is someone who does not judge others and knows that God is the only one who can and will. I'm blocking you. I don't believe in your answer to my question or your beliefs. What a hypocrit.

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