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A poem about gender dissociation and self-absorption, c/c?


I am still id-ridden infantile, a slave of sight and sound,

a fruit forever flowering in poison pollen glow.

Inside the seeds are ready for last frost, for fertile ground .

I cannot choose the season in which they will start to grow,

I have all of this technology, the knowledge of all men

here awaiting finger-taps, time and time again.

I am intuitive and extrasensory, the threshold does not yield.

We shall have no harvest if we do not tend the fields.

I solemnly await the faith of the fallen to disperse,

to see the only path to acceleration is the curse

which drives the primal engine of itself, perpetual.

I am engendered to exonerate my Self as sensual.

The frequency in seismic sense is a tremor in the mass;

a tendril thrusting through the crust reaches for the rays

of the billion suns that are swiftly swooping past,

oblivious to things that strive to measure lives in days.


ELEKTRA: an electronic navigational system establishing approximate position through coincidence in amplitude of two radio signals.

Update 2:

An abstract credit for inspiration goes to Gene and Blue Feather

Update 3:

I want everyone to know I appreciate their comments tremendously. i don't know if it is because of your generous and caring natures or because you are my friends or something else but this forum is the only place where anyone gives me credit for something that matters. It does not go to my head, your flattery- it goes to my heart , mind and spirit. It gives me hope. Thank you.

Gio- that is phenomenal. I have to think and get back to you later. Everything happens for a reason...

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    ELEKTRA: "Enhanced Learning Experience and Knowledge TRAnsfer"

    ELEKTRA is a European research project that aims at revolutionising technology-enhanced learning. Nine interdisciplinary partners from six different European countries merge their expertises in cognitive science, pedagogical theory, computer science and neuroscience with the innovations of computer gaming, design and development.

    The outcome will be a digital learning game that bridges the gap between cognitive theory, pedagogy and gaming practise, to make learning as exciting as leading-edge computer games. Furthermore, the ELEKTRA methodology about conceptual design and production of digital learning games is being developed.


    I acknowledge the philosophical depth of your scripts, as they are impressive and antagonistic to any good poet's mind. 1) You are a fast and deep thinker 2) You impress me with your multi-dimensionality, 3) You appear "indifferent" to participate syn-agonistically in other people's poetry 4) You are self - evolved . 5) You Should be involved in serious poetry, and in depth. 6) I am inviting you in my poems, even though your time is limited. 7) I believe in you as always. (Remember? You said: "My name is..."??)

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  • Thomas
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    8 years ago


    Twilight Zone stuff goin on here. Your comment about this is the only place where you get credit.....

    as I was reading this, I realized how darn talented you are. You put out it seems like about 5 outstanding poems a day. As I was reading, I said "I love the positive comments" the same thoughts as you, except I suppose I get credit from other sources and am blessed for that.

    My point: no matter how many poems you put out, we love you. So keep them churning, and we will keep on loving. If frequency x 5 x love(100) - 1 troll = LC XFactor then by all means keep it up my friend. Then I thought of myself, and I can't no matter how much I try even put out one poem a day, and I have to admit, I love the nice things, and the c/c which I need, so I hope in the future I can do more. Am a bit envious of you, in a good way.

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  • Iggy
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    8 years ago

    Great topic and a very enjoyable poem. I love the symmetry in the rhyming structure. Perfect (or at least to me)!

    This is a topic I've been hoping to see explored more. I'm not really in a good spot to do this but I can feel the degree of anguish and struggle people are going through; what a source of poetic inspiration; also read a lesser attempts to capture this in verse earlier. You've inspired me a little to try writing on this topic myself at a later time.

    Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago

    The only point of reference we truly have is

    our minds ability to travel across the universe

    and back while thinking of something else at the same time

    And yet we are finite and that doesn't connect as we face

    an infinity of space which we can only measure in time.So we

    search for possibilities that we may still go on beyond

    our appointed time.Though our days are measured we

    always have the sense we've been here before. Is that not eternal?

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  • Nat
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    8 years ago

    This is a powerhouse composition, LC

    Much to absorb and and contemplate.

    Bri, Rayven53, Gio and others...their answers add depth..

    So much happening.

    So much I'm isolated from and know

    nothing about.

    Your poem is steeped in psychology.

    Your current delving (as a student) into it's aspects

    transfer well in this poem.

    I feel this poem is the most absorbing I've yet to read on this forum

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  • 8 years ago

    You've excelled yourself here LC. This is probably one of your best writes. There are just too many good lines to pick any out individually. The subject matter is of immense interest. Well done you for producing such a great read.

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  • 8 years ago

    Pretend I described this poem's depth and beauty in some adequate way. I don't have the words for it right now.

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  • Good morning/afternoon. This was another good job here. Liked this Clap Clap clap Clap. And on another note read all 7 parts of your story. Well done. I enjoyed the stories. Hope u have a good Friday hugs.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You should become a rapper. I'm a regular on Rap/Hip Hop, and this is way better than most of the stuff I see. The alliteration is excellent, and the whole thing is very cohesive. Very nicely done.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i have been recently "id ridden" too. i am afraid i will use the only cure that has ever worked... i really didn't want to, but resolution of this conflict is required.

    all of your production today (and what a great daily production it was too) seems sad. i hope things get better for you.

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