Do I have OCD and some advise if I do?

I love the number seven and despise the number three, its not rational and theirs no specific reasoning behind it. I know it's irrational to despise a number in such a way that I hate doing anything in threes and love doing it in sevens. I very much try and not count the things I do because I know where it'll go if I do, it's easier that way but sometimes it can't be helped (done before thought). For example, if I accidentally do something three times or any multiple of three I'll try and get it to the number seven and I always prefer in sevens if I've counted. It's not affecting my life extremely I'd say (hence why I'm not looking for your run of the mill seek therapy answer). However, as you can expect it's very annoying and sometimes time consuming to be obsessing over such a trivial matter as for example, washing my hand three times.

My door, I close it over and over again. Theirs no order or exact amount unless I count (I very much try not to) because I know where it'll lead (my irrational hate of the number 3 and love of 7). I know its closed but I can't help closing it again.

Also, I have a compulsion to repeat things many times over. I don't think its just about the inability to be concise (that of which I have in abundance). I'll repeat things a couple times over, sometimes just saying them differently sometimes repeating the exact same thing. I have this fear that if I don't repeat something or say the same thing differently so that exactly what I'm trying to say is understood that person will do the wrong thing. Like if I'm getting my brother to pick me up something on the way back from work I'll tell him my order a couple times over. Or if I'm writing an essay I'll repeat a point many times over just differently said. It's not everything so it's not massive and as before its trivial things mainly but it's extremely frustrating. I've always thought it was something I inherited from my mother, who when she lectures me repeats the same thing over and over again for ages. Is it OCD? Or is it just something I inherited from my mother or maybe even both?

So Yeah my question is are these compulsions OCD?

They're not big obsessions but I am scared that over time they may develop/escalate into extreme compulsions that affect my every day life greatly. Please don't tell me to seek therapy, right now I don't think Its bad enough for that. All I need is some information. To know it's OCD or not and possibly some useful tips to combat my obsessions. And if they ever get to a stage where I feel they're affecting my every day life then I'll seek professional help.

They may be weird, so if your going to mock me don't answer.

I appreciate any serious answers.

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    9 years ago
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    Well I hate to say that you do not but just because you are annoyed by these things OCD is a very serious disease. Some people inflicted with the disease can't get to the other side of the room without taking 3 hours. I'm not saying you don't I'm just saying if you do its not serious. Try a focusing technique like counting to 10 to stop these constant distractions.

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