Ok, So I've finally finished the anime Darker than Black and I'm confused about Dolls and the ending?

Ok, so I have some questions about Dolls and the ending. Answer if you have watched all of Darker than black , including the OVA and 4 episodes in between Season 1 and 2.

My main question is, something I've struggled to find an answer to (I've searched), how are Dolls created? I get the Contractors were humans originally and what not, and Dolls and contractors appeared at the same time. How are Dolls created/who creates them? I'll give you an example for where my confusion about this stems from.

For example, Yin was originally a human and the doll she is now is that human if I'm not mistaken? (correct me if I'm wrong) but how did she become a Doll? Is there some transformation from a human to a Doll that occurred around the same time that Contractors were born? And if this is the case then you remember that Chikkai (I think that's what they called it) Doll, a doll created to replace a human that was found dead floating in a river in the second episode. So if the human was found dead and the doll was an exact lookalike, Dolls are created right, yet who creates them? And if someone creates them, then I'm confused because Yin was originally a human that transformed into a Doll right. So does that mean there are two types of Dolls? Dolls that were created by someone (who, I don't know) and Dolls that transformed into that state from humans ( like Yin). And what does it mean when it describes Dolls as emotionless mediums?

And another question about Dolls. What does it mean when a character said in one of the episodes (I think it was the four episodes between Season 1 and 2) that Contractors are failed Dolls?

I'm sorry If I have so many questions, Dolls just confuse me alot. If I've said something totally wrong or stupid here, please correct me.

And about the ending, I found this theory on the internet and its the one I most agree with. Do you agree with it or not, if not what are your theories on the ending?

"I personally saw the ending as decent: it wasn’t great or awesome, but it was quite solidly done. The episode affirmed, in a subtle way, that Hei loved Yin and vice versa. The point of contention is really whether Hei killed Yin. I personally don’t think that he did, primarily because in the final scenes there was a bifurcation of personalities: one Yin was black, and another was white. The White Yin was the one who asked Hei to kill him, whereas the black Yin stayed in the background. This made me personally reflect on Izanami as just a personality that branched off from Yin, especially because I just finished watching the particularly moving Kara no Kyoukai. The black Yin may be a male personality of Yin, and the white Yin is the Yin that Hei knew and loved all along. It is said that in the gate one gains something in exchange for something equally precious, and the return of female Yin to her own body and to Hei is paid off by the loss of her Izanami personality to another body, the male doll eerily similar to Yin and armed with her contractor-killing powers, as well. Hei’s gain of Yin is accompanied by his loss of Suou, a person who has grown valuable to him. With Shion’s ‘flawed’ world he lost his life; with Suou’s loss of memories she gained a new life in another world. The same can be said with July, who has once again become human in the world Shion tailored. It’s quite allusive to Fullmetal Alchemist with its idea of equivalent exchange, but it’s not altogether illogical."

I found this on "http://animeotaku.animeblogger.net/2009/12/darker-...

It's such a confusing anime and there are so many questions left unanswered, I really hope that by some miracle they make a third season.

Only serious answers please, I wrote alot so I would like a detailed and thorough answer. Thankyou in advance for anyone who takes the time to read and answer this question.

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    Darker than Black is one of my favorite series, but it doesn't explain itself very well. I also find Dolls confusing, but after I read this I thought of the line (and you pointed it out), that Dolls are "Failed Contractors". Basically, people become either a contractor, a doll, or a Moratoruim (Out of control Contractor >> Mai, season 1, episode 3, the fire girl with the professor, weird flowers). The gate tries to make people contractors, but if they can't control their power, they become a Moratorium, but if the power doesn't "awaken", I think they become dolls.

    As for the very first arc, when the made a replica doll, I'm not sure about that. I think the doll is the still the actual person, but in this case there were two of the same dolls.

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    Darker Than Black Dolls

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