This is a question solely for people who have watched the anime Darker than Black, read on if you have?

Ok so I'm currently watching the anime Darker than Black and I'm on Season 1 Episode 20.

I've read that there is a first season of 25 episodes plus an OVA and a Second Season of 12 Episodes.

And set in between season 1 and 2's timeline is a four episode season/arc or whatever you want to call it to cover the gap between Season 1 and 2 and help fill in some details. A season 1.5 you could say (but released after season 2 had finished).

Now my problem is, should I watch Season 1 followed by the four episodes covering the gap then go on to watch season 2. Or should I watch it according to the dates it was released, as season 1.5 was released after Season 2 had already finished.

Please do not ruin anything for me, as I haven't even finished season 1 yet. Be considerate of that fact and don't tell me it's a crap anime as I quite like it and would like to hear some opinions from people that have watched it on how I should watch it.

Another question, I've been able to watch Season 1 dubbed ( I prefer watching dubbed version not because dubbed anime is better but because you don't miss any of the action whilst your reading the subs, so don't insult me and call me a fake fan or subs are better bla bla bla.... ). However,I would like to know if season 1.5 and 2 have been dubbed as of yet? Is there anywhere I could download them, as I've only been able to find subbed versions of them.

Thanks in advance for any serious answers.


So you're saying I should finish Season 1, watch the OVA then the four episodes followed by Season 2. So I shouldn't watch it according to Chronological order and despite the OVA and Four episodes being released later they were very helpful in explaining things between the time Skip. I see, that does explain things.

Thanks, answered all my questions. I'll pick you as best answer as soon as I can. Much appreciation.

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    Even though the OVA was released after season two it was made because many fans were confused of incidents that takes place after a time skip without any prior explanation so you have to watch the OVA than Season Two, only then you can love Ryusei no Gemini. Many fans claimed that season two as the worst of all time cause they were confused.

    Season 1

    OVA - 4 will see great developments in this OVA

    Season 2

    I guess the OVA and season two are not dubbed yet.

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