Has anyone ever watched the anime series "Hitman Reborn"? Do you remember a character named Flan?

I personally found him one of the funniest anime characters I'd come across? If you've ever watched the series, what are your opinions and do you agree? If not care to mention any other anime characters which you have found hilarious?

This is just a question out of pure curiosity, if you don't get my question or don't agree with my opinion don't condemn me for it. Just don't answer....


I don't read the manga, never been too much into that. I prefer just watching the anime, that's what I was referring to as Hitman Reborn is finished.

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    9 years ago
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    haha i love his charahter i mean obviously being some one who reads the manga as it comes out weekly im geeting to see more of him ( just another benifit of likeing both manga and anime :P) but i totally agree i mean in the anime during the arc he was in he was one of the best sources of comic relief haha with his bizzare heads and what not but yeah i think he was an under rated charchter

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  • hare
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    4 years ago

    Hmm loved the female from Outlaw celeb who became into bare in that tank of water in the back of gene whilst he flew the gap deliver with each and every person. yet perhaps somebody like Tsunade if she became into way youthful like 17 or 20, Or Hinata from Shippuden , or Ringo or Simca from Air kit xD

  • 9 years ago

    I could recongize Flan, but I didn't know his name... I think he's always calm no matter what happens to him. I found Lambo hilarious though since it took him around 20 years to stop being a cry baby.

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  • 9 years ago

    Remember? He's damn active in the newest arc. This guy even have the balls to make fun of Mukudo Dokuro

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  • L
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    9 years ago

    yup, the green-haired guy who wears that weird frog-looking hat or something. i love khr.

    yeah, he's quite funny. mainly due to his witty/cheeky remarks. he's funny, but not one of the funniest. i've seen other characters that are way funnier. you should watch gintama if you like comedy. i really love that show.

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