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Sony PS Vita Vs. Nintendo 3DS Which should I get Pros/Cons?

I know PS Vita is not out but please give Pros/Cons and Non violent games for PS Vita. Or should I get 3000. I don't know much about geting the games online. At PlayStation Store

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    If you are looking for a non violent games the 3ds is the way to go. At launch ps vita will only have 2 or 3 non violent games. While the 3ds is going to have 10 or more and more to be announced at the nintendo conference. The vita is going to be a shooter concentrated console while the 3ds is going to have a refreshing mix of games. From what you are saying the 3ds seems like the console for you. I am going to purchase a 3ds and eventually a ps vita once the price drops I would get the 3ds now and if you are still interested in a vita wait for a price drop don't get it right away.

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  • 9 years ago

    seriously, neither.

    vita is the successor to the psp, and we know how well the psp did. it was a colossal flop. i don't know how the vita can be any better. come on, who's the idiot who thought it would be a great idea to include the touchscreen on the back of the vita?

    i wouldn't get the 3ds either because of the lack of games. i think 3d is still too new for people to accept. another problem is that nintendo still hasn't embraced online gaming. apple has shown that portable gaming is here to stay, and it can be profitable. the 3ds should have more online gaming.

    the good thing going for the 3ds is that it can play ds games.

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  • 9 years ago

    To give you the pros and cons of a system that isn't out yet really isn't possible. All I can say is the graphics and abilities of the Vita will be far superior to that of the 3DS. To get games for the Vita you will need a PSN account and you will need to get a PSN card or use a credit card to add funds to your virtual wallet. Then you choose the game you want and if you have enough money it will be yours. It will be store on the Vita's internal memory or a memory card if the Vita will be using them.

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  • 9 years ago

    This is an excellent console I love the new analogue stick, it makes gameplay much easier i intend on buying one soon.The Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld gaming console from Nintendo with a real 3D gaming experiance without the need for any 3D glasses! While viewing the units screen head on, provides a great 3D gaming experiance however if you turn you head slightly to the side while looking at the screen causes a ghosting effect.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Pro's on Vita :

    Similar graphics to the PS3 (according to Sony)

    Cross PLatfrom Multiplayer with the PS3

    AWESOME Games


    2 Touch Pads (front and back)

    2 analog sticks

    full PSN Intergration

    2 Camera's (front and back)

    Con's of Vita :

    More expensive



    -3D no glasses, what more can I say?

    -3D camera. Take pictures in 3D

    -MB of dedicated VRAM, 64MB RAM, and 1.5GB of flash storage

    -Processor equal to that of a Nintendo Gamecube!

    -Face Raiders (Comes built in, played it in the shop, it's hilarious!)

    -Streetpass (Send and receive info from other 3DS' automatically, like highscores and things)

    -Spotpass (Connect to the internet through wireless and download updates automatically)

    -Switch between 2D and 3D with a slider, so it doesn't hurt your eyes.

    -Activity log (Like the Wii, see how much you've been playing)

    -Mii Plaza (Again, like the Wii, except better! also send people Miis through Streetpass)

    -Mii maker (Take a picture of yourself or a friend and it turns it into a mii)

    -Internet browser and shop built in.

    -Sound (Plays mp3s straight from SD card with sound manipulation software built in)

    -VIRTUAL CONSOLE! Download and play old Gameboy games! Mario! Zelda! Pokemon!

    -Backwards compatible with every DS game

    -Remakes? Did I mention Ocarina of Time? Don't think I did...

    -Range of colours. (Only blue and black on the release day, but they've previewed Red, green etc)



    -Can hurt your eyes if you leave it on 3D mode and you are under 7

    Source(s): you cant say for vita, it hasnt came out but get VITA
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  • 9 years ago

    I want to know what bizarro universe Donnie Porknuts lives in where the PSP was a failure.

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  • Matt
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    9 years ago

    I wouldn't get the 3DS, the game library for it sucks and the 3D screen is garbage.

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