caller doesn't hear a ring?

Want to know if someoe can set up their home phone so that when a caller calls, the caller doesn't hear the phone ring (no ring sound). Is this a special feature offered to stop robocalls. If it is, I want it!

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  • 9 years ago
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    The ring a caller hears is generated in the central office not the users phone. It is produces so the calling party knows that the call has completed to the number dialed. Doing away with it is not an option. Doing away with ring back tone would be counter productive causing numerous reports that calls did not go through.

    Source(s): Retired Telcom Tech Support Guy
  • joe r
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    9 years ago

    if you put some type of system in place to answer your line as soon as it detects that an incoming call was coming in it might eliminate the ring that the person calling hears... but a major flaw with that is that you would NEVER get caller ID information since that data is transmitted between the first and second ring

    to eliminate telemarketer calls sign up for the do not call registry at you can also get a telezapper (if they still sell them, the domain name has been taken over by some spam website)

    or you could just put the SIT tones at the beginning of your answering machine or voice mail - this will trick autodialers to assume that your line is disconnected, and remove your number from their system..

    you can hear/download the SIT tone here

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