How to switch back to yahoo mail classic?

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I just switched over to the new yahoo mail(the green one) and I want to switch back to classic, but it's not letting me. How do I switch back to yahoo mail classic(purple one). more
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Hello there,
A number of people are asking the same question with similar concerns.

There are only TWO versions of Yahoo! Email left, Classic and the new Regular. All the other Yahoo Email versions Yahoo! has dropped and eliminated. They no longer exist, and I have not found any links to go back to them.

The only old version that you can return to is Yahoo! CLASSIC.
There still are several options available for you.

#1) These links are still working today, July 30, 2011 and will RETURN and launch your email back to the ORIGINAL Classic Mail, but you may need to continue clicking on the links each time you log in. It would be good to bookmark them, save to your favourites or email them to yourself.
as will this link:
If you click on the link and it does not automatically open to Classic mail, copy & paste the address from your browser into a new window, and press enter.
A number of people have told me the links DO continue to work for them.

As I was checking to see if they were still functioning at a friend’s, one of those links above launched into a full page of advertising for the new mail, in the small print ¾ of the page down and to the right there was an option to click that said ‘Return to Classic’. I immediately took a screen shot and saved it as a picture, and had another friend do the same. The second photo is the Canadian version.
This is what it looks like: (This link takes you to a site I made to share with you so that you could see what the screen looks like and WHERE to click).

These links make the ‘choose this option’ come up, and MAY work for you if you have only logged into the new email ONCE otherwise they do not work at all or will only open the new Yahoo! mail:
Launch to choose new or stay with Classic Canada Yahoo link:
Launch to choose new or stay with Classic USA Yahoo link:

The report from Yahoo! Is that you will need to choose EVERY TIME you open your email to stay with Classic mail, and click on the proper link until August 15, 2011.

#2) I have a Yahoo! Plus account, there is a built in OPTION there (that is NOT in the free Yahoo! accounts) to switch back to Yahoo! Classic, which I have done and it remains, and perhaps that is an option for you. The Yahoo! Plus account is $19.99 (US) a year.

#3 Numerous solutions for various browsers and different versions of Windows people use, this is the best solution. Link to: is
The link is to an answer given by another person, Katie M, who posted a very good answer that addresses browsers and Windows here on Yahoo! Answers to help you switch back.

From what other Yahoo! users have email to me and from what I have read on some other Yahoo! Answers posts, disabling the scripting and lowering the resolution does NOT permanently work on a number of computer, primarily those running Windows 7. You will need to either disable scripting or lower resolution each time you log in. For others it continues to work.

Let Yahoo! know that you would like the original Yahoo! Classic instead of the new.

If you would like to keep working with the new mail there are a number of things you can try. Update your Adobe Flash Player, and Java script. Check for updates for your Windows. Check for updates for your browser (s) Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Google Chrome, Modzilla Firefox etc. Clear out your cache, cookies, temporary files and browsing history. The easiest method to clean out those files is press simultaneously Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys while your browser window is still OPEN. This also deletes your passwords and banking information. Or view this page for further information:
You may consider trying an alternate browser.
Hope that helps you.


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  • RUDJAKE answered 3 years ago

    To go back to YAHOO! MAIL CLASSIC...

    Turn off Javascript - you'll then be asked if you want to return to Mail Classic, click "yes".

    If you don't know how to turn off Javascript...


    IMPORTANT:Remember to RE-ENABLE JAVA and JAVASCRIPTING back ON when you are back in Mail Classic because without it some mail functions won't work.

    For IE: Open TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS >> SECURITY. In security click "CUSTOM LEVEL" -> disable active scripting in the scripting section.

    IMPORTANT:Remember to turn JAVASCRIPTING back ON when you are back in Mail Classic because without it some mail functions won't work.

    For FIREFOX: Open TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> CONTENT, click on "DISABLE JAVASCRIPT". Now hit F5 to refresh the page while you are in Yahoo! email in order to switch back... In the options, click (PERMANENT) to switch back to YAHOO! Classic. DO NOT click the "ONE TIME ONLY" option.

    IMPORTANT: Turn JAVASCRIPT back ON once you have your "CLASSIC" account back.

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  • Barkley Hound answered 3 years ago
    Yahoo indicates that Classic will remain but gives no method of going back. It has been discovered that turning off Javascript will allow you to return.

    If you are using IE go to tools ↬ internet options ↬ security. Click on the "custom level" button, go to the scripting section and disable active scripting.
    If you are using Firefox go to tools ↬ options ↬ content. Click on disable Javascript.

    When you go to Yahoo mail it will indicate that you must use Classic and will give a link. Once done you can return to the previous Javascript settings.

    NOTE: Yahoo has found a way to limit the link they give to only your ID. That is why a link can not be provided.

    ʎəɿʞɹɐq  ̊ ͜͡● ̊
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  • OnFirebaseball answered 3 years ago
    do what guy below said. Change screen resolution to low, wait couple minutes and it will let you go back to original yahoo mail. Thanks for the help, whoever u are.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    i tried everything finally the answer was to open up a new account in Yahoo it came up as
    classic but you have to get new email address and contact it was a pain but i was having
    a lot of trouble with the new Yahoo and am glad to have the old one back
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  • echinopsis . answered 3 years ago
    Once you have the new Mail Regular, you will no longer be able to switch back to All New Mail and/or see a switch-back link to Mail Classic, but I'm slightly visually impaired and found an interesting workaround a few weeks ago to at least get back to Mail Classic: lower your screen resolution, and as soon as it's too low for the new mail, you will get a message displayed asking if you want to switch to Mail Classic. Click "yes". Of course you can switch back to your original screen resolution once you have mail classic back..:-)

    Another option: turn off Javascript - you'll then be asked if you want to return to Mail Classic, click "yes".

    In case you don't know how to turn off Javascript...

    For IE: tools -> internet options -> security. In security click "custom level" -> disable active scripting in the scripting section. Remember to turn Javascripting back on when you are back in Mail Classic since without it some mail functions won't work

    For Firefox: tools -> options -> content, click on "disable Javascript". Now hit F5 to refresh the page while you are in yahoo email in order to kick in the option (permanent) to switch back to classic. Do not click on the "one time" option. Turn it back on once you have your "Classic" account back.

    Yahoo will NOT get rid of Mail Classic, read this, dated June 20:
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  • J R ;) edited 3 years ago
    To Switch Back...
    click on this link for the switch back.

    Droping the screen resolution will do it
    Click on Start-control panel-appearance & theme-
    then slide the level indicator to its lowest and
    click on Yes.
    And then turn it back on,when your back to
    Then if you have Yahoo Mail Plus you have the option
    of switching back.At a cost $19-99 a year
    Have a great day,good luck.

    J R :)
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  • Yosemitesam answered 3 years ago
    There is no link to go back that is what yahoo has failed to let users know.But there are two ways to go back that I know of see below to see what I did and it did work.

    There are large numbers of users on here with similar issues.Two ways to back to the other mail that I know of.The new beta mail they say it's 2X faster it's really 10X slower I had it I lost more than half my mail folders.I did a live chat session w/Yahoo told them if I can't go back I will leave yahoo they switched back.Two ways to switch back you can go & do a like chat session with a Yahoo customer service rep/agent like I did.To do this go here.Click on the link below to do your live chat. Direct link to chat w/yahoo

    And the other way is if you reduce your screen down just not sure how far down.But if you reduce it down far enough you will see an option to switch back.This will not switch you back to the all new mail it will switch you back to the Yahoo classic mail.Or you can just try emailing Yahoo with your issues that will take some time 3-4 days if your lucky.

    So you know the classic mail is not purple that is the new/beta mail.
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