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Science: 4 seasons country, fruits.?

i am not living in 4 seasons country, so idk anything about these. what makes fruits able to grow in certain season? Why can't it grow in other season? For exampe, why can't blueberries grow in winter? Does it grows in summer or spring? If it grows in spring/summer, what kind of conditions that support the growth of blueberries? What variables affect blueberries growth? Please give some links too if you have, because i know that it will need long explanation.

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    The main purpose of a fruit is reproduction. A bird, for example, might eat a blueberry, excrete the fertilized seed elsewhere, and a new plant can develop. However, such development can only occur when the necessary resources (including sunlight) are plentifully available. If fruits develop at an inappropriate time of year, then they'd be useless for purposes of reproduction.

    Sadly, I haven't got any blueberries in my garden. Our red currents look like being ripe within the next couple of weeks, the strawberries and cherries should ripen by around the middle of July, the raspberries and blackberries ought to be expected by early to middle August, the grapes by the end of that month and the apples in late August - early September. Oh,late July - early August for the tomatoes.

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