what business should I put up (in the Philippines)?

my capital is 30,000 philippine pesos

what business is good that will surely make profit

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  • Alfred
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    9 years ago
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    What are ur interests in life? That could be a factor for the success of ur proposed business if you apply those things that you are good at and capable of... but honesty 30k is a bit short but if you are wise and willing, then what the hell, bring it on! Carwash business, Food cart, goto and lugawan, barbiQhan, Shake(like Zagu), Vulcanizing shop, small barber shop, vegetable/fish/meat vendor, egg supplier, balut/itlog na pula,puti,kulubot at lahat ng itlog.lol sari-sari store, recycled products, small poultry(45days), and many other small businesses that are fit to ur tight budget. Goodluck.

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    • 6 years agoReport

      A 30k php go for eloading business plus selling prepaid cards on all networks smart, globe, sun cellular etc.

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  • J@ps
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    9 years ago

    It could be one of several. I personally prefer something where you would be providing some kind of service or if you want to sell something, then a business without that much inventory, besides with that amount you could hardly buy enough for your basic needs let alone buy stuff to sell.

    Preferably though, it would be of something which you personally know something about and best good at. Or at the very least partner with somebody who does.

    30k is not a big amount, at least not as it once was. But putting up a business haphazardly or without any kind of business planning would be like throwing all that away.

    Note: If there was a business that will SURELY make you a profit, it should have been well saturated by now and going into the same business now would make you one of the last bandwagoners who are doomed to fail right from the start. Find one that can fill a real need and be great in that field.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    30 thou in pesos is about 650 in dollars--not a great deal of money Im thinking. Especially to start any kind of business other than say a roadside bbq stand, buy a small out rigger canoe for fishing, a pair or maybe 3 new tricicads and rent them out to drivers each day or maybe buy a job lot of cigarettes and sell em all for 1P per piece and double your money.

    Whatever you do it obviously has to be really cheap to start up with such small capital.

    Go to Gaisano or Ayalla, buy P30-000 worth of school supplies--pens, pencils, note books etc and make a stall outside a school or Uni that is a long way from the city and sell the supplies. Students will buy from you as then they don't have to catch multi cabs or V-hires or tricycles and go all the way to the City to get their stuff. Johnny on the spot so you will make money. Whatever you buy , just add a peso extra, sell all 30 thou worth and again, double your money.Then with 60 thousand, buy a used tricycle and hustle for a few months with that. Save the profit and you now have 90 thou.

    Then buy a second tricycle and rent it out. In six months you will then own 3 and your transport empire is born.

    Business advice fees and tax, 30 000 P thanks, nice doing business with you.

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  • 4 years ago

    Depends on the business. Something small like a Internet cafe or sari store that you could leave to close TRUSTED relatives wouldnt be a bad idea. But any business that requires hiring more than 5 staff and large amounts of capital -, is something that i would be wary of Some of the horror stories that i have heard from some foreigners who have run a business in pi are incredible. Some foreigners have made some successes from it. But the amount of corruption and extortion to anyone that has money is what kills business in pi. Having money in pi is a curse.

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  • Bisdak
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    5-6 pautang! In 500pesos payable in 2 months the interest will be 100 pesos. That is why called 5-6 good money.

    30,000 pesos is a good start!

    Target market people working in shops or vendor. For sure they can pay you.

    • Jose venes6 years agoReport

      oo nga 5-6 mgpautang ng alas 5 bayad nman alas 6.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    With 30 thousand pesos, your options are limited. I think a hamburger stand, (Burger Machine for example) is probably your best bet. They really make good burgers actually- the idea of using relish instead of lettuce/tomato is genius. Good luck! Ingatz!

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  • 3 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    J@ps and alfred gave you already some of the best and reasonable possibilities.

    30'000 PHP is little money to start business,

    keep in mind that normally you need all kinds of papers and licenses,

    that costs money and time ( time again costs money if you have to spend a few days waiting and traveling to different offices, yet you need to eat and pay rent )

    anything you need to rent a business space - even sari sari - costs up to many thousand PHP rent and usually you may need to pay advance deposit or 1-3 months rent in advance.

    for any permanent business location, even small ones, you may need water and electricity

    and you also may need basic furniture or shelves, etc

    hence if NOW you want to start small business, then anything mobile needing no rent, no deposit, etc may be best

    the more value you create on your own the more profit you get

    by creating value I mean adding service, repair, etc like hair dresser mobile, manicure/pedicure mobile house to house or along resorts

    however as an old business man I would (and 10 yrs Philippine experience) I would recommend you to work another year or spo to save MORE, and while working another while, you look around, gather information and data, talk and ask small business owners about their experiences, and learn more about something you love to do.

    sari sari store is out - every few houses you find some. that is no serious option to earn a living

    anything buying/reselling is poor choice

    anything that requires your skills, your labor, your expertise (even small, but serious like mobile food, etc

    for a fully valid advise, you would have to give full details, like:

    where in the Philippines are you (city, near tourist area or farming province)

    what are the possibilities to do something WITH your family or relatives if you have farmers or fishermen among your relatives there are many additional revenue possibilities that require minimal investment in money, just creative ideas and additional efforts and time invested.

    do you have partner to join you or are you planning as a single

    do you have sister/brother or parents to join efforts or all alone

    what working experience do you have currently

    what exactly do you actually LOVE to do - for a successful business you need to do your work with all your heart and soul, then you succeed. if you work just for money, then you may fail due to lack of energy and motivation to work hard

    find inspiration from others, but avoid copying others. be different and think out of the box.

    I give you an example matching a typical Philippine farming environment:

    Filipinos love to eat fish or seafood. Tilapia is very popular, yet it only is grown in ponds and thus needs additional food that is purchased.

    However Tilapia is a fast growing fish feeding on anything, including plants and all kinds of animals such as frog eggs or mosquito larvae and similar.

    It is possible to grow Tilapia inside rice fields if there is enough water during about 4-6 months for small Tilapia seedlings to grow to market size of approx 150 grams.


    there is no commercial lobster fishing in the Philippines, yet there are simple and efficient traps made of bamboo (seen in Haiti) to catch spiny lobster in shallow water from 15-40 meters depth, all possible without $ investment for an existing fishermen, just creativity to do something different

    Pray to God to find inspiration if you are ready to work hard and honest for a self employed work. start small and grow steadily but always pay cash. avoid any debts, loans, credits.

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  • 9 years ago

    Either a small Sari Sari store or a food stand. Do not expect to make a lot of money.

    Do NOT give any credit to anybody.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A spa would be a great idea. My family made one, and its going great! We used to live in the philipines so we are thinking of expanding it there :D Hope this helped ya!

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