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I need one constitutional issue easy to write about, (i.e; Freedom of speech, LGBT rights, Abortion, you can even shoot me different ones) and tell me two major court cases that happened in relevance of the constitutional issue and they must be easy to compare and contrast and here's the kicker; They must be at least 15 years apart. Thanks in advance for help, I'm writing a really important paper and can't find any that I really can just write about. I will vote best answer so please help me out!

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Edit; Sorry I should have added, it also needs to relate to today.

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  • Lela F
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    10 years ago
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    I think you are talking about the Amendments. The Constitution was written all at one time, and so was the Bill of Rights, like freedom of speech and right to bear arms ect. The Articles are amendments that have been made. There would not be 15 years in between the written rights in the Bill of Rights. But a lot of rights have been somewhat altered to fit our current times. Now I think a good subject for you to write about would be abortion, that seems to really get the blood flowing with people. Row vs. Wade was over 15 years ago, and you could do a pro and con type research for the paper, find a connection between the two. Or you could write about the right to religion. We have that freedom, but lately since the constitution has been written, several religions have been looked down on, like Islam and Catholicism for example. The controversy between the city of NY and the Mosque they wanted to build close to ground zero is a good example, and that one could be controversial in your own words, almost like a debate whether you agree with it or not. It would be recent and easy. I could go on and on but I don't want to write a novel here lol. Good luck on your paper:)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Actually I would not suggest abortion because it is a derived principle ruling not an actually constitutional right. Stick with simple constitutional issues for ease and clarity such as

    Civil Liberties in a Time of War

    Consider civil war restrictions and modern patriot act restrictions

    Or consider Japanese internment verses treatment of Muslims during the war on terror

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