What constitutional issue...?

I need one constitutional issue easy to write about, (i.e; Freedom of speech, LGBT rights, Abortion, you can even shoot me different ones) and tell me two major court cases that happened in relevance of the constitutional issue and they must be easy to compare and contrast and here's the kicker; They must be at least 15 years apart. Thanks in advance for help, I'm writing a really important paper and can't find any that I really can just write about. I will vote best answer so please help me out!


Edit; Sorry I should have added, it also needs to relate to today.

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    Plessy vs Ferguson - 1896, this upheld as constitutional that States could offer racially segregated services under the doctrine of "separate but equal". This meant for example that railways, buses, restaurants, schools etc could be divided along black/white lines as long as the State made equal provision for both.

    This was overturned in Brown vs Board of Education, Topeka in 1954. This decision ruled that "separate educational facilities are inherently unequal." As a result racial segregation was ruled a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This ruling paved the way for integration in education.

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    Abortion is a considered a criminal question, because of the fact some evaluate it homicide, willfully killing a individual is pre mediated homicide. NOW, the large question is while is the youngster evaluate a individual? As an egg, an embryo, a fetus, of their 1st trimester, 2 trimester, 3 trimester? some states enable abortions purely interior the 1st and/or 2d trimester of theory. At which factor the fetus is think approximately a living individual and killing it may well be a criminal offense. Others argue that the infant is a individual on the momemt of theory, as quickly as the egg is fertilized and starting to be. those are in many cases the anti-abortion human beings. Others say no, it does not even resemble a individual until eventually __ months of advance. Others say this is not appropriate while if turns right into a individual if a woman does not want it, she will have it killed and pulled from her(aborted). That a woman has the superb to regulate her very own physique and make that decision herself. They resent the state interfering of their "suitable to p.c.". This all had to pass to court, no state court could make sure it so it went to very ultimate court. Roe vs. Wade is the case that stated a woman has the "suitable to p.c." no count if to hold a infant to complete time era or no longer. some, some, say it rather is homicide, at even though point. nevertheless homicide is sanctioned via the regulation, criminals are excuted, soliders are knowledgeable and sent for the exhibit purpose of killing, taking lives. So killing is criminal, while government sanctioned. So why does not a woman have the flexibility to kill, the criminal suitable to kill, her on very own baby, interior the womb, if she needs. %. your style, yet there it rather is.

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