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What color socks should I wear with brown shoes and khaki shorts?

I would really prefer links to pics of people modeling your color combination of choice so I can actually see for myself. Thanks.


No links, guys? Come on, share some links!

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    i would go with no-show socks that way you won't have to worry so much.

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    The trouble with "Khaki" is that it can mean all sorts of colours including green, beige or even grey colour.

    Anyway traditionally khaki shorts were worn with brown boots and long green/khaki green turnover top socks ala the 8th Army. Some people still wear them like that and I think it is a good look. See links (gun optional lol).

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    Personally, I think that you should ditch the khakis and put on a fresh pair of cargo shorts! They look good and are convenient to put stuff in the pockets! A study shows that 9/10 girls are attracted to man wearing cargo shorts. The 1 girl that didn't was blind and couldn't see them...

    To pair with the shorts put on a gray turtle neck and orange socks! You'll be good to go. Best of luck!

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    If you are a guy ... Socks should not be worn or loafer socks unseen should be used. No socks = no link

  • 9 years ago

    Tan polo ones

  • 9 years ago

    I like purlpe


    Black & white ragg socks

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