2 Windows 7 Laptops BSOD crash at the same time once or twice a day?

I just bought 2 new Dell laptops, with windows 7. For some reason, they are crashing at the exact same time. They both have a wireless connection to my router. I know it has to do something with the network, because that is the only thing that they are commonly connected to. Also, my XBox looses connection at the same time as well. This only lasts a few seconds, then comes back on.

I don't know if its my router, or my insight internet connection.

Any thoughts?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The best thing to do is to borrow someone's router and test it with your laptops and xBox. If everything goes smoothly, simply get yourself a new router. If the laptops keep crashing, then just contact the retailer you bought them from.

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    10 years ago

    Restore System:

    Windows blue screen can appear due to either hardware or software problem. System restore is built-in feature that restores system to original state to rectify damages. Here are steps to restore system.

    Click on Start button.

    Go to All Programs and then click on Accessories.

    Select system tools.

    Now click on System Restore.

    When System Restore wizard appear select different restore point.

    Click on Next button.

    Click on Finish.

    Repair Startup:

    Windows operating system has recovery utility that enables you to repair any startup problems due to application crashes or missing files. To use this utility, follow the instructions.

    Save your work.

    Insert Windows Installation CD.

    Reboot your machine.

    Windows may ask you for Administrator password. (Note: if you have preinstalled startup utility on your system then you should remove the bootable CD and you can find Startup repair under Advanced Boot Options)

    Choose your language settings and click on Next button.

    Select the operating system that you want to repair.

    You are done.

    Clean your system with Antivirus:

    When I keep getting blue screen error in my PC I always think virus can be reason behind this problem. Make sure that you have updated antivirus on your system. Clean your system with the antivirus program. Follow the steps given below.

    Restart your system.

    Run computer in Safe Mode.

    Clean your system with powerful antivirus software.

    Now restart Windows normally.

    Fix Registry Issues:

    Registry is root cause behind the problems such as Windows blue screen. You can either manually modify Windows registry to diagnose the problem or you can use registry cleaner and PC optimizer software to automatically fix Windows registry for resolving the consistent BSOD.

    Since registry is complex database it is difficult to manually identify and clean it. Registry repair tool is easiest solution to this problem. You may use RegInOut Cleaner

  • 4 years ago

    the two a block of reminiscence it particularly is slowly yet gently leaving us or lots extra possibly some peripheral making worry. very usually: squeezed USB plugs, ethernet cables inflicting brief circuits or (usually) exterior USB related no longer uncomplicated drives with malfunction of the AC/DC adapter.

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