name 3 things you like about your continent, and 3 things you dislike about your continent.?

so I'm south american.. these things I like about south america

1- our football.. there's no doubt that south american football players are the best on the planet.

2 south american women: women from this continent are so beautiful , for instance, women from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, are extremelly beautiful , they are beautiful like roses.

3- we are a very rich continent in natural resources.

3 things I dislike about south america

1- our corrupt political leaders

2 our history.. I don't like what we went through durant the times of the Conquest of the Americas. It's a very painful and humiliating history.

3- I don't like that all 10 south american countries don't speak both spanish and portuguese.

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    9 years ago
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    I'm South American too ^^ but I live in the US since I was 10 so I'll write for both countries.


    1. I love the city, because where I live in the US there is no public transportation, but in Mendoza, Arg, I don't have to depend on a car. Everything is close by! In the US you only get that in big cities like Boston, NY, etc, but those are really expensive to live in.

    2. Nightlife :))

    3. The culture like the passion for futbol... asados... really friendly people... family oriented, etc.


    1. corruption =/

    2. Education is not that good.

    3. i don't feel that safe when I'm over there, especially when walking alone.



    1. Education is so good! There are so many opportunities.

    2. Cities like San Diego, NY, Philladelphia, Boston are simply amazing.

    3. Safety... I can seriously leave the front door open all day and nothing would happen.


    1.public transportation sucks.

    2. Getting into unecesary wars... and people getting brainwashed into thinking that serving the military and dying for your country is good, its not!

    3. Too many strict rules.

    I just referred to countries individually because I haven't been to many countries in both continents :)

    Source(s): AGUANTE ARGENTINA (los argentinos son hermosos ^^)
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  • 9 years ago

    I'm a U.S.A. citizen and the three things I like about my continent are:

    1. It doesn't butt up against another continent like Europe and Asia, that just doesn't make sense.

    2. The Panama Canal was dug to assure that N. America didn't butt up against S. America (see #1.)

    3. When the ice caps finally melt N. America will own the Northwest Passage and thus rule the world.

    Things I dislike about my continent are:

    1. It's not really a continent but more like a really, really big island though it doesn't get the credit it deserves for being a really, really big island (go to hell Australia.)

    2. It's not as fat as Asia (Yes, as an American I'm having continent body issues.)

    3. When I turn my globe upside down it becomes S. America and then I just don't know who I am anymore.

    Source(s): My Imagination
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  • 3 years ago

    North united statesa.: Like: a million: Canada and u . s . are 2 of the main stable and democratic international places interior the international. 2: Mexico is a great place to bypass in case you want a South American/Spanish sense. 3: we've differing temperatures : chilly I observed -fifty 5 in Eureka Nunavut abut each week in the past heat: Toronto and Chicago temperatures + 30's in summer season warm: Phoenix and different Mexican cities interior the Sonoran desolate tract. + 40 5 in Phoenix. Dislike:a million: Our heritage isn't very deep like Europe. the sole good heritage is probably approximately New England or the Canadian province of Quebec. 2: u . s . and Canada have comparable cultures; 3: Taxes in Canada and crime interior the u . s ..

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